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DEACON, Eccl. law. A minister or servant in the church whose office, in some churches, is to assist the priest in divine service, and the distribution of the sacrament.

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The permanent diaconate may be more associated with managerial functions of the ordained ministry.
There were 101 proposals submitted at Vatican II about a restored permanent diaconate, representing close to 200 bishops from around the world.
com blog "The Deacon's Bench," says that the reestablishment of the permanent diaconate after 1,200-plus years of inactivity was one of the greatest success stories to emerge from the Second Vatican Council.
One result has been an explosion of the permanent diaconate.
me modern rebirth of the permanent diaconate began in 1951 when several young social workers who hoped to become married permanent deacons to serve the needy formed a group in Freiburg, Germany.
The Permanent Diaconate is an ordained ministry that's conferred by a bishop through the sacrament of Holy Orders.
The campaign asks Miiller to open the permanent diaconate to women, a possibility since Pope Benedict XVI made changes in canon law in December 2009 to clarify the role of deacons, specifically in Canon 1009.
Priest and bishop were the only orders considered "permanent" until the restoration of the permanent diaconate by the council.
You don't need a GPS to become a deacon in the Davenport, Iowa, diocese, but chances are most candidates for the permanent diaconate will have logged several thousand miles by the time they complete their five-year training program and are ordained in Sacred Heart Cathedral on July 13.
The restoration of the permanent diaconate at the end of the Second Vatican Council reintroduced married clergy to the Roman Catholic Church.
I am thinking, for example, of marriage; the faith-committed single state, either non-aligned or aligned through groups like Focolare or Lay Apostolic Ministry Program (LAMP); third orders; and even the permanent diaconate.
In 1993, during a series of catecheses on the diaconate, John Paul observed, 'A deeply felt need in the decision to re-establish the permanent diaconate was and is that of greater and more direct presence of church ministers in the various spheres of the family, work, school, etc.

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