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Similarly, because the target position P is to the right of the perpendicular bisector of line AB, then we have:
This exploration of the perpendicular bisector consists of two parts.
From here, students would again most likely resort to trial and error, but this activity motivates further discussion on perpendicular bisectors, thereby achieving a benefit from DG.
Choose [constructions] perpendicular bisector and click on the line segment AB.
It is worth noting that prior to or in the course of making this proof, students can fold perpendicular bisectors to the base in non isosceles triangles to "establish" that only in isosceles triangles does the perpendicular bisector pass through the opposite vertex.
The verdict: It is easier to trace a circle through two end-points of one of its diameters than through three arbitraiy points, requiring two perpendicular bisectors in the process.
Perpendicular bisectors of these two lines were drawn and the intersection point was the centre of the femoral head.