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The Chiefs Squad's win put them as the only team, besides the Perps Squad, to win the cheerleading title in at least two occasions.
As Jake taps various departments and people to gain better insights on the victims, he draws important connections between them and begins to map out scenarios that will lead him to the perp.
The Perps regained the title won last season by Arellano U with an almost flawless performance, collecting 195 points from the judges, two better than Arellano U which was relegated to second spot.
The Altas Perps Squad is the league's most titled teams after snaring eight of the possible 11 crowns.
5 points, edging the Perps Squad by just a point with 404.
Here a dead orchestral conductor involves a detective and Miss Fisher in a dangerous music-centered mystery that seems to surround one murder, then moves to embrace a wider range of possible perps, all with their own suspicious actions and motivations for murder.
MANILA -- The Perpetual Help Perps Squad isn't resting on its laurels.
The perps are not only seasoned criminals; they've actually simulated the heist on computers so nothing can go wrong.
After Stone (Peter Horton) is killed in the line of duty, he is judged by the devil (John Glover), who determined that he was no better than the perps he used to hunt down.
Instead of fighting his way out of the situation, he studies the perps, gets detailed information about their cars and makes positive identifications, leading to their arrest and the return of his suitcase.