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One reason statutes of limitation on sexual abuse of children should be removed or extended to the life of the child, or 'windowed,' since the 'objective studies establishing normal sexual behavior' were not done by scientists, but by perps and pervs.
The value of the feature was brought home in the final drill in which you were seatbelted in a patrol car with your shotgun locked in the trunk and a perp was shooting at you from the 100-yard line.
noir reflected the paranoia of the upper classes, these sleuths, perps, and victims are Bernal Heights hookers, Mission building inspectors, and Chinatown militants.
Police stepped up intelligence on the youths, monitoring the proliferation of crews, confiscating writers' black books, interrogating graffiti perps, and raiding writer's homes.
So once the perps were weeded out, the contest went like this: Alex Bland took it.
The perpetrators -- perps as the law enforcement community would correctly refer to them as -- are our old friends, the American retailing industry, which when faced with the prospects of another lousy fiscal year decides there are yet a few more drops of blood to be squeezed out of all of the pots and pans, sheets and towels, plates and saucers, and flotsam and jetsam they are allegedly buying (allegedly because buying implies that you are paying for your purchase).
Hardened perps in the home knitting racket presumably could also be identified by their tendency to carry around with them long needles and wicker baskets for the concealment of their contraband.
The students who want him kicked out: assume that what you are at age nineteen is pretty much what you'll be at thirty-nine--which is not surprising, given that our criminal justice system is now prepared to try kids not much older than Sherrice as full-blown, grown-up perps.
Feel free to suppress public expressions of cynicism, but don't punish the perps.
He's a badass in the box, sweating confessions out of perps," says SVU executive producer Neal Baer, "but when it comes to his kids, his heart's on his sleeve.