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Perso recalled that she didn't notice at first that Prince George wore the clothes for his Christmas photos.
Amaia Perso also couldn't be more delighted that the Duchess liked the clothes she bought.
Second, we explain the role and the fundamental structure of PERSO.
The system presented in this article, namely PERSO, addresses this specific problem and tries to match the student's particular needs by recommending to each one an appropriate training content.
PERSO is production-centered rather than learning-centered.
PERSO is comprised of five components: (a) the curriculum, (b) the student model, (c) the analyzer, (d) the CBR system, and (e) the generator.
The functioning and the interactions of the different modules of PERSO are described in the next sections.
The questionnaire approach used in PERSO is categorization because it is often possible to observe patterns among students and to group students with similar features within categories, sometimes called stereotypes (Kay, 2000).
Durig actio agaist illegal Afghas a total of 42 persos were detaied o violatio ad 21 cases were registered agaist them.
Similarly 8 persos were arrested o violatio of illegal use of
Not only 15 or 20 persos but everyone should return Turkey.