Personal Actions

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Personal Actions

Lawsuits initiated in order, among other things, to recover damages for some injury to a plaintiff's personal right or property, for breach of contract, for money owed on a debt, or for the recovery of a specific item of Personal Property.

Under the old Common Law, personal actions were one of the three categories of Forms of Action, the other two being real actions and mixed actions. The right to bring personal actions was an innovation in a day when the only useful property was land. There were few consumer goods and little money in ancient England. From the Accession of the Norman kings in 1066, the royal right to super-vise ownership and possession of land was seldom questioned. Only when the security of land ownership was seen to depend on the peace of individual persons were personal actions like debt, Detinue, and Trespass permitted.

PERSONAL ACTIONS. Personal actions are those brought for the specific goods and chattels; or for damages or other redress for breach of contract or for injuries of every other description; the specific recovery of lands, tenements and hereditaments only excepted. Vide Actions, and 1 Com. Dig. 206, 450; 1 Vin. Ab. 197; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2641, et. seq.

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He said some cases during the February 2011 incidents were reported by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry but that all such cases were from individuals and were personal actions that were not related to those in charge nor was it a state approach.
You're accountable for your personal actions, of course, but also for the actions of everyone over whom you have any supervisory responsibility, no matter how distant or how far clown in the organization.
Under the ICC anti-corruption code, once the cricketers were provisionally suspended, it was incumbent upon the PCB, as per ICC laws, to withdraw all material support, as the cricketers had a case to answer for their personal actions to the games governing body: ICC," the spokesman said.
VAS judges remind that the main rule in disciplinary sanctions is to base them on personal actions and responsibility, when in Pengezov's case the alleged violations only involve his daughter.
Communist Nikolay Baylo said that Iskhak Masaliev held phone conversations as a private person, these are his personal actions.
His personal actions directly and demonstrably saved the lives of innumerable Afghans, coalition and British forces before he made the ultimate sacrifice.
Today, environmental education has become an element of many provincial curricula, with the understanding that young people need to learn about and understand how their personal actions affect the natural world around them.
Analyses of 198 responses indicated that faculty who had received some form of disability-focused training scored higher on factors pertaining to Willingness to Provide Exam Accommodations, Fairness and Sensitivity, General Knowledge About LD, Willingness to Personally Invest in Students with LD, and personal actions, such as Inviting Disclosure and Providing Accommodations, and lower scores on negatively valenced factors than did faculty who had not received prior training.
Our clergy and hierarchy need to preach a gospel of personal actions based on hope and trust in the Word of God we know.
The survey also focused on the personal actions Americans take with regard to their health, and finds that nearly two in three (64 percent) have tried to lose weight in the last year and even more (76 percent) would like to lose weight.
First, buying clean electric power should be at the top of the list of personal actions to address global warming.
While many things should be done before the introduction of road-user pricing in Liverpool becomes a reality, political sound-bites from councillors that attempt to apportion blame on Government and abrogate responsibility for our own personal actions will not help us achieve that ultimate goal - a better place to live, work and play for all of us.

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