Personal Actions

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Personal Actions

Lawsuits initiated in order, among other things, to recover damages for some injury to a plaintiff's personal right or property, for breach of contract, for money owed on a debt, or for the recovery of a specific item of Personal Property.

Under the old Common Law, personal actions were one of the three categories of Forms of Action, the other two being real actions and mixed actions. The right to bring personal actions was an innovation in a day when the only useful property was land. There were few consumer goods and little money in ancient England. From the Accession of the Norman kings in 1066, the royal right to super-vise ownership and possession of land was seldom questioned. Only when the security of land ownership was seen to depend on the peace of individual persons were personal actions like debt, Detinue, and Trespass permitted.

PERSONAL ACTIONS. Personal actions are those brought for the specific goods and chattels; or for damages or other redress for breach of contract or for injuries of every other description; the specific recovery of lands, tenements and hereditaments only excepted. Vide Actions, and 1 Com. Dig. 206, 450; 1 Vin. Ab. 197; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2641, et. seq.

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The final three factors each contained two items, all related to personal action taken by faculty.
First, buying clean electric power should be at the top of the list of personal actions to address global warming.
While many things should be done before the introduction of road-user pricing in Liverpool becomes a reality, political sound-bites from councillors that attempt to apportion blame on Government and abrogate responsibility for our own personal actions will not help us achieve that ultimate goal - a better place to live, work and play for all of us.
4) What personal actions can I take to enhance individual and collective adaptive capacities in the high-uncertainty present and immediate future?
It seems to be the ``in thing'' to deflect responsibility and blame everyone else for their personal actions.
Focus should also be upon personal actions and subsequent affects.
Of the comments made by respondents to the open-ended questions, the privacy of one's personal actions was emphasized, both for heterosexual and homosexual employees.
Macedo told the Senate that accusing institutions is not valid, and that only individuals can be held responsible for their personal actions.
Through it all, I was very clear that there has to be a distinction between personal morality, personal actions and public morality, public actions.
Most fundamentally, it depends on our being aware of the interconnection between our personal actions and the integrity of our planet's living systems.
Therefore, if a corporation is required to make a payment, even one based on personal actions, the corporation should consider claiming a deduction under the OCD.
Each one will have their own special personal actions - like Sporty Spice's karate kicks.

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