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From my personal bodyguards, I lost seven of them that is what happened.
He had long enjoyed close ties with North Korean state founder Kim Il Sung, who had a palatial retreat built for him near Pyongyang and even supplied him with personal bodyguards in Phnom Penh after he was reinstated as king in 1993.
Yoy can already get special car number plates, personal bodyguards and butlers - now VIPs and wannabes can feel even more like the glitterati with their own personalised phone number.
The Sunni politician is charged alongside his son-in-law, Ahmed Kahtan, and 73 of his personal bodyguards.
The National Directorate of Security (NDS) says it has arrested six people, including one of Karzai's personal bodyguards, suspected of having links to the militant Islamic Haqqani network and al Qaeda.
Dozens of officers and civilians act as personal bodyguards for high-profile people such as DUP leader Peter Robinson, Justice Minister David Ford and Attorney General John Larkin.
All this was done, explained Damiri, "within the framework of implementing the law, given that these weapons were illegally held by [Dahlan's] personal bodyguards," reported the Beirut daily.
But personal bodyguards, and being told to be on the look-out for trouble at all times, simply put too much of a strain on her.
ROYALS could lose their personal bodyguards in a root-and-branch review of security procedures.
So much was the frenzy when he arrived, that a double ring had to be formed all around him -- by his personal bodyguards and Sri Lankan policemen.
One of Beckham's personal bodyguards ran on to the field to help subdue the fan.
But when he stumbled back to his room after a nightcap he found one of Ms Rice's personal bodyguards fast asleep outside her door.