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A team of up to five personal bodyguards from the Metropolitan SO1 Specialist Protection travel with him wherever he goes.
MTL claims the Control Risks personnel are only working as personal bodyguards.
She hired more than 400 personal bodyguards and travelled to her hotel in a bullet-proof Mercedes.
SYDNEY: Personal bodyguards will shadow Australia's cricketers during next month's Pakistan tour as part of planned stringent security usually reserved for visiting heads of state, reports said yesterday.
Changes in legislation, particularly post 9/11, mean that all security staff from door supervisors to personal bodyguards are required by law to be registered and to have successfully completed an approved Security Industry Authority training course.
The highlight of his military career was being chosen as one of six personal bodyguards for Marilyn Monroe when she toured the division performing in USO shows.
He then called his personal bodyguards but asked for them not to report the girl and let her away with a warning instead.
Hun Sen noted that after the rioting, which left the Thai Embassy and Thai-owned business in ruins, Cambodia took a number of steps such as agreeing to unconditionally compensate for the damage, arresting those suspected of involvement in the riots and dispatching the premier's personal bodyguards to safeguard the Thai diplomatic mission.
Uri is now considering hiring personal bodyguards to protect his wife Hanna, 50, and their children Daniel, 21, and Natalie, 20.
It is believed the sheik had arranged for his personal bodyguards to collect the children - eight-year-old Mohammed, Hamdan, seven, and Zayed, four - and fly them to Dubai while he and his wife joined a party of racegoers at Longchamps in France, where several of the Maktoum family's horses were due to run.
At the event Kerr appeared relaxed, as she spent hours at the charity day and took to the stage several times under the close watch of two personal bodyguards and several privately contracted security staff.
SO Jacqui Smith lands tax payers with a bill of pounds 900,000 for personal bodyguards while disputing the pay rise for police.