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Over at the Autzen Footbridge, none of the inner tubers, swimmers or landscape artists stacking river rocks in the middle of the Willamette were seen wearing personal flotation devices.
What are your rules about personal flotation devices and footwear?
Make sure they wear approved personal flotation devices when playing in or near a body of water.
So some 18 years ago the Coast Guard approved a third category for virtually all noncommercial water sport use: Type III personal flotation devices (PFDs).
Tenders are invited for Personal Flotation Devices for the Office of Boating Safety
Eugene's daily newspaper wouldn't admit to discouraging the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs), appropriately also called life jackets, on the too-often fatal cold and fast rivers near Eugene.
RFD has released two new high-quality personal flotation devices, both PDF 1 jackets.
Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices when boating or riding personal watercraft.
He said he would like to see more people choose to wear personal flotation devices.
I appreciate your article on personal flotation devices and I understand your decision to limit it to units with USCG or TSO approval.
He is further charged with being the owner of a vessel which did not carry suitable personal flotation devices for every person on board.

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