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The level of stress was linked with factors such as industrial worker's social habits, eating habits, personal habits and work load.
Regarding personal habits 12% did not know not to chew Pan or Naswar in kitchen area.
4) Environmental exposure (subjects declared the distance between their living place and potential pesticides/herbicides or pollutants sources, toxicants use/exposure for leisure or hobbies; both occupational and environmental exposure were considered as categorical variables (exposed: [greater than or equal to] 10 years of exposure); indeed, because of the nature of the data collection (self-reported, retrospective), it was not possible to quantify the exposure precisely [10]); (5) personal habits (subjects declared the smoking status (according the WHO definitions: never-smoker, former-smoker, and current-smoker [11]), the alcohol consumption (no consumption, up to 200 mL/day, and between 200 and 500 mL/day)).
Evangelicals also practice personal habits amid local community.
This was largely accomplishing by changes in her attitude, personal habits, and general lifestyle.
When you decide to meet your doctor keep a detailed record of all the medications taken including over-the-counter drugs and home remedies, history of any changes in daily routine, food habits, any worsening factors, travel details and personal habits.
In addition books on sales, economics, professional relationships and personal habits provide insightful resources into how the business world works and how to most successfully compete in it.
One is a little too up-front about his personal habits, confessing "I fart a lot".
Guilford hoped that these changes in students' personal habits and behaviors might help them take better control of their academic lives, which would ultimately result in gains in achievement.
His personal habits were certainly unusual, and no doubt hastened his death at just 62.
They found no meaningful correlation between any other roommate characteristics, including: high school grades, admissions test scores, family economic, social or educational background, religion, personal habits, and degree of similarity with the roommate.
Information is presented in a way that an individual's carbon footprint seems invaluable in importance, which empowers the reader to consider personal habits and make changes in daily life and on a larger scale.

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