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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

I have settled a case in 2004 for personal injury. Now I have a case from a rear end car accident which happened in 2002. I found out today that the defending attorneys in my first case, were hired to be the defending attorneys for my new case. My question this allowed or is it considered a conflict of interest of some sort? I feel that they would not be fair. But I would like to know if there is any reason they should be asked to step down? I have asked my attorney and he did not know.


They can be against you twice if that is what you mean...
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With the ever increasing requirements from the insurance industry and the Colossus, Personal Injury Institute and Quad Video HALO will make personal injury case management easier and more understandable for defense firms and adjusters.
However, those surveyed found amounts mentioned in the ads were memorable and a significant number--28 percent--expected they would receive as much or more in a personal injury case.
Determining the value of a serious personal injury case is vastly different, and varies depending on its settlement value or its jury-verdict potential.
Indeed my last personal injury case was against him.
The former front-row star won his claim against Coventry RFC and one of their players, Mark Ellis, in a personal injury case that centred on a violent bust-up during a match between the two sides in September 2001.
The issue in McVeigh was whether Empire's reimbursement claims (in essence, claims on behalf of the federal government) should be litigated in federal court or in the state court where the personal injury case was pending.
The Third Department's decision in Ramroop does not fall squarely under the decision in Balbuena because Ramroop is not a personal injury case, but instead involves an interpretation of the Workers' Compensation Law.
Generally speaking, a personal injury case can take a long time to settle.
Devastated Stanislawa Laudanska, 58, told her lawyer and the court she could not attend her personal injury case and expected it to be postponed.
In the personal injury case, a plaintiff was left paralyzed from the waist down by an auto accident.
While the same considerations would apply to ex parte communications with treaters in any personal injury case, the stakes are usually higher and, in the minds of some courts, the potential for abuse seemingly greater where malpractice is the basis for the action.
5 on contingency fees and settling medical subrogations and liens from a personal injury case.

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