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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

I have settled a case in 2004 for personal injury. Now I have a case from a rear end car accident which happened in 2002. I found out today that the defending attorneys in my first case, were hired to be the defending attorneys for my new case. My question this allowed or is it considered a conflict of interest of some sort? I feel that they would not be fair. But I would like to know if there is any reason they should be asked to step down? I have asked my attorney and he did not know.


They can be against you twice if that is what you mean...
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Murphy sued the Aurora firm of Kinnally Flaherty Krens Loren Hodge & Masur in 2017, arguing that under a long-standing referral agreement, the estate was owed 33.3 percent of a confidential settlement reached in a personal injury case.
Hernandez's passion of representing those in need and giving a voice to the little guy is what drives the members of his firm in each personal injury case.
This compares to the most serious award of damages for pain and suffering in a personal injury case for those who sustained very severe brain damage or tetraplegia for which the maximum award is PS354,260.
Similarly, issue preclusion is irrelevant because Sere's cause of action in this case is different than in the underlying personal injury case. Finally, collateral estoppel is irrelevant because the Defendants represented Sere in the underlying personal injury case; they were not parties to it.<br />Consequently, the determinations in the underlying personal injury action have no preclusive effect in this case.
Despite obvious jurisdictional and choice of law questions, the attorney handling the plaintiff's personal injury case never researched which statute of limitations might apply, was unaware that Pennsylvania had a two-year statute, performed no investigation into the forklift operator and his employer, and failed to refer the matter to a Pennsylvania attorney.<br />The attorney made a demand for settlement more than two months after the Pennsylvania statute of limitations had run out and filed suit in Bristol County nearly four months later.<br />Upon motion, the plaintiff's claims were dismissed as being barred by Pennsylvania's statute of limitations.
Focus: Statutory Interpretation In this personal injury case, Rhonda L.
According to the report "Chemours Co., DuPont: Accelerated PFOA Case Schedule Heightens Litigation Risk," if DuPont were to prevail in the appeal of the first personal injury case, it could raise the bar for future plaintiffs to prove causation and change outcomes in forthcoming cases, lessening the ultimate risk of liability to Chemours.
However, those surveyed found amounts mentioned in the ads were memorable and a significant number--28 percent--expected they would receive as much or more in a personal injury case.
The unscripted, full-length simulations show a total of nine experienced mediators (chosen for their different styles and backgrounds) in action as they preside over a consumer dispute, a child custody dispute, and a personal injury case. The website also offers shorter videos depicting a particular stage in the mediation process or specific types of interventions.
Marilyn Alice Rickson: Plaintiff alleges negligence in personal injury case. Suit seeks $448,000.
Determining the value of a serious personal injury case is vastly different, and varies depending on its settlement value or its jury-verdict potential.
The former front-row star won his claim against Coventry RFC and one of their players, Mark Ellis, in a personal injury case that centred on a violent bust-up during a match between the two sides in September 2001.

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