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These are personal journals set up by individuals to share news about their lives, families, and personal developments and for personal expression.
Unlike a personal journal, kept only for the eyes of the writer, members of this group meet to read and discuss each others' writing.
Finally the phony covers were bundled up in AdWeek and Advertising Age with the last page showing the Journal's new front page and Personal Journal section.
Also, the Journal has created a new consumer-oriented daily inside section called Personal Journal, which appears Tuesdays through Thursdays, Mondays being given over to special theme sections and Fridays to the Weekend Journal.
This is Elizabeth Luther's personal journal, documenting her visit to a variety of churches, mosques, and other buildings of a religious nature.
An electronic edition of The Wall Street Journal and a related customized onscreen service called Personal Journal are also available.
There's Personal journal, a first-generation interactive product that downloads customized information from the Journal onto a PC.
Together with this little volume, together with Nina Holzer in her intensely personal journal, you can take a walk, relax--and discover new worlds.
She uses family papers and memorabilia, Latham's personal journal, and official papers to do so, including investigating the questions surrounding his death from a hunting accident in the Congo.
Based on the excerpts from the personal journal of Lewthwaite, the report indicated that the group was planning multiple attacks targeting parliament buildings, UN offices in Nairobi, restaurants and assassinations of senior Kenyan politicians, Fox News reports.
com)-- Signalman Publishing is pleased to announce the release in paperback and as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook, and the Apple iBookstore of "Without Warning: My Personal Journal of Struggling with Grief" by Jeanie Kaiser of Cumberland, Maryland.
Providing candid revelations of her BDSM lifestyle (and based on her personal journal recordings), Alison Tyler draws upon some twenty-five years' experience as a gifted author of erotic literature to create what must be described as a kind of docudrama that commingles personal experiences with a novelist's vivid imagination.

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