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Managing Editor: Robert ThomsonSenior DME/Features: Mike MillerDME/National: Matt MurrayDME/International: Nik DeogunDME/Page One, Investigative: Mike Williams KEY PLAYERSSenior DME/Features/Mike MillerKey tasks: Senior deputy to the managing editor; responsible for features sections, including Personal Journal, Weekend Journal, Journal Reports and the WSJ magazine.
Unlike a personal journal, kept only for the eyes of the writer, members of this group meet to read and discuss each others' writing.
Although personal journal writing has been long recognized as a means of facilitating reflective thought, according to Richardson (1993) there is little agreement on the nature and measurement of such concepts.
Finally the phony covers were bundled up in AdWeek and Advertising Age with the last page showing the Journal's new front page and Personal Journal section.
Peter Kann, Dow Jones' chief executive, has said, however, that the new Personal Journal "will not be a soft, feature-oriented package, but rather a news section, playing off current developments, but focusing on their personal business relevance.
Some cultural coverage will shift from the front section to the Personal Journal, which will appear every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
An electronic edition of The Wall Street Journal and a related customized onscreen service called Personal Journal are also available.
There's Personal journal, a first-generation interactive product that downloads customized information from the Journal onto a PC.
She uses family papers and memorabilia, Latham's personal journal, and official papers to do so, including investigating the questions surrounding his death from a hunting accident in the Congo.
com)-- Celestine Publishing announced the release of its newest publication, “12 Steps: Daily Reflections and Personal Journal.
1852-1855 collects the personal journal writings of William Speiden Jr.
Based on the excerpts from the personal journal of Lewthwaite, the report indicated that the group was planning multiple attacks targeting parliament buildings, UN offices in Nairobi, restaurants and assassinations of senior Kenyan politicians, Fox News reports.

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