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Demonstrate how to use free services such as iGoogle <> or MyYahoo <> to create a personal portal of their favorite websites from Lego <> to Poptropica <>.
Men's grades suffered most when they browsed sports and finance, while women were more likely to get lower grades when they spent time on multimedia and personal portal sites.
Patrons can submit their preferences using a simple Web form, and in return they'll receive a personal portal account that delivers recommendations for books, music, and videos based on their ratings of previous selections.
- Personal Portal - a system to simplify access to websites of interest but fully under the control of the end user and without the advertising and access restrictions
Update portal is a customisable Enterprise or Personal portal that allows customer requests and interaction, while analysing their behaviour.
A branded StartPage [TM], or personal portal like MyYahoo, combines your content with the best the Web has to offer to keep members coming back.
Designed to simplify the navigation of WAP sites for users of mobile phones and wireless terminals's service allows users to configure their own personal portal containing various WAP sites.

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