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Table 4 Difference Between Boys and Girls on Personal Self Concept, Family Self Concept, Social Self Concept and Total Self Concept (N=120)
she later added, "So if the US wants to make a difference, it certainly has stand up for issues of justice, principle, and international law, rather than issues of personal self interest or issues serving this strategic alliance with Israel.
So this is the first step for a spiritually minded person to become an ecologist: He has to understand that spirituality is not abstract and ethereal and that the planet is perhaps the first object he encounters as he tries to transcend the limits of his personal self.
If at all possible, employees, supervisors, and bosses should show up at these bashes and have a good time but, despite the temptation to let it all hang out, it's very important that you still maintain control of your behavior and not let too much of your personal self ooze out, especially if you've been drinking alcohol.
The third section deals with the refutation of the true existence of the personal self, concluding with an explanation of the sixteen types of emptiness taught by the Buddha in the Transcendent Wisdom sutras.

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