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Although some people read the phrase "care of the soul" as meaning work on the personal self, I always had in mind the tradition of anima mundi, the world's soul.
Just ask the French and, yes, the Poles and even many of the Germans who endured times in the East before the Wall came down, how precious the right to personal self determination is.
If at all possible, employees, supervisors, and bosses should show up at these bashes and have a good time but, despite the temptation to let it all hang out, it's very important that you still maintain control of your behavior and not let too much of your personal self ooze out, especially if you've been drinking alcohol.
Wunder argues that his personal self confession, set within the background of Christianity, has broader significance: piety like his helps historians of early modern Europe define the world of the gentry but also offers light on the development of the subject over the long term.

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