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Findings also have a logical connection to its applications for the practice of personal selling, which furthers our understanding of the importance of rapport in seller-buyer relationship.
001), and (b) the fact that college students are better prepared for a career in personal selling after completing a professional selling course in college (p = .
His research in personal selling, sales management, research methodology and marketing management has appeared in numerous national and international journals.
Consumer protection laws regarding this type of personal selling are then reviewed, where it is noted that many jurisdictions do not separately regulate IIHS sales and that existing regulations ignore the behavioral and psychological aspects of this selling environment.
Effective Interpersonal Listening in the Personal Selling Environment: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Nomological Validity .
They found that advertising is one of the five components of promotion instruments which are used in communicating with the target audience along with the sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing.
By maximizing already existing personnel and focusing on individual contact and personal selling, smaller businesses can capitalize by playing to their strengths.
What factors affect their attitudes and interest in personal selling as a career?
It can be used as a follow-up to class discussion of persuasive appeals or a range of personal selling techniques, or as a preliminary assignment to a written persuasive appeal or persuasive role play.
In a well-designed integrated marketing communications program, the Internet and personal selling are designed to be complementary tools--working together to increase sales.
1986), "The Manager Salesperson Relationship: An Exploratory Examination of the Verticaldyad Linkage Model", Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.