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Personal selling and sales management: A relationship marketing perspective.
Face-to-face and negotiation-led personal selling strategies likely will remain the norm until China's national infrastructure and institutional mechanisms develop further (Haley 2002; Martinsons 2008; Ng 2009; Sharma 2008) and interpersonal relationships no longer dominate commerce.
Second, NOD is important as it may be influenced by the demanding nature of personal selling.
Sales promotion basically represents all marketing activi ties other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations.
It covers the fundamental concepts of marketing as a business philosophy and strategy, including strategic analysis, target marketing, and property planning, site selection, and pricing and promotion of properties; personal selling and the steps involved in representing real estate buyers and sellers; negotiation approaches like collaboration, competition, accommodation, and compromise, with an emphasis on win-win negotiations; human resource management issues like recruiting and training agents, performance evaluation, motivation, compensation, and leadership; and legal and ethical issues in the US, as well as laws in other English-speaking countries.
Although not statistically significant, the mean values of the items representing the desirability of a career in personal selling were mostly higher at the end of the semester as compared to the same values at the beginning of the semester.
According to Anderson and John [44], Collins [45] expertise has been broadly investigated in the personal selling studies.
By maximizing already existing personnel and focusing on individual contact and personal selling, smaller businesses can capitalize by playing to their strengths.
One factor contributing to this finding may be that marketing students have paid more attention to possible careers in marketing and they realize that personal selling is not the only option.
The Office has covered many business topics in its now seven seasons: employee diversity, organizational stress, workplace aggression, product recalls, personal selling, advertising and promotions, customer feedback, competitive intelligence gathering, and ethics.
Ron "Cat" Mason is the founder and CEO of CM&A Consulting LLC; a consulting firm that specializes in marketing strategies and personal selling training.
Historically, students' perceptions of those who practice personal selling have not been positive.