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"Advancing Sales Performance Research: A Focus on Five Under Researched Topic Areas "Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management 32(December): 89-105.
Similarly, companies are using Skype or any other software to chat or talk to the customer while he/she is visiting company's website or its sponsor, then the technology-based personal selling tool is used (Felix et al., 2017).
Accordingly, the prioritization of the promotional strategies for Cluster 8 (the most valuable customers for the organization) is: (a) sales promotion, (b) personal selling, (c) non-personal advertising, and (d) public relations, respectively.
(2014), Selling behaviours and sales performance: The moderating and mediating effects of interpersonal mentalizing, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 34(2), 112-122.
Face-to-face and negotiation-led personal selling strategies likely will remain the norm until China's national infrastructure and institutional mechanisms develop further (Haley 2002; Martinsons 2008; Ng 2009; Sharma 2008) and interpersonal relationships no longer dominate commerce.
Sales promotion basically represents all marketing activi ties other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations.
In sum, grounded on the sellers' narratives, language and company documents, the evidence and analysis above have unpacked rapport management for personal selling within SMEs in China (as shown in Figure 1), which not only provides significant theoretical implications regarding the concept of rapport and relationship theory in communication field, but also highlights important implications for practitioners in SMEs who engage in seller-buyer relationship management.
A three-stage model for assessing and improving sales force training and development Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 25(3), 253-268.
"End caps make great displays for impulse sales on pepper spray and mini-safes, while personal-defense knives require more personal selling. They are placed in a more prominent location next to the tactical firearms to target MSR-tactical customers for an add-on sale.
For example, researchers have examined student attitudes towards selling careers (Bellenger, Bernhardt, and Wayman, 1974; Dauner and Johnson, 1979; Karakaya, Quigley, and Bingham, 2011); cross-national investigations of student attitudes towards personal selling (e.g., Lysonski and Durvasula, 1998; Karakaya, Quigley, and Bingham, 2011); attitudes of women toward professional selling (e.g., Cook and Hartman, 1986); perceptual differences by race (DelVecchio, 2000; DelVecchio and Honeycutt, 2002); and student preference for sales careers (Dubinsky and O'Connor, 1983; Swenson et al.
Paul Harrison, UK Procurement Manager at Huntsman Polyurethanes will provide insight into how to access the procurement departments of multinationals, complimented by Sarah Castle of Think Big - an expert in personal selling techniques.