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What's the point of someone running for high office if they can't pursue their own personal vendetta when elected?
Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim accused Nato of carrying out a personal vendetta.
An anonymous official was quoted by AFP as saying that "the shooting was likely a personal vendetta rather than politicallymotivated.
In a statement before his sentencing, Burge told the judge that Lane County Deputy District Attorney Steve Morgan had targeted him for prosecution because of a personal vendetta.
To make matters worse, Frost also has to deal with a copycat killer who seems to have a personal vendetta against him.
She said: "I don't think it's a personal vendetta against me.
The trial opened in September 2009 in the courtroom where Marie Antoinette was sentenced to the guillotine in 1793, with Villepin accusing Sarkozy of pursuing a personal vendetta against him.
Sharan refuted the charges and said: " It was a management decision to abolish her post and there is no personal vendetta.
Hammond and his brother, Nick, have a personal vendetta towards the school system for some reason and their ulterior motives would be very damaging to the committee.
What begins as a personal vendetta expands to a broader understanding of the role of pirates in the Revolution, involving readers in a fine work of historical fiction.
A house's explosion, murders, and a personal vendetta combine to create a gripping thriller with many unexpected twists and turns of plot to keep readers guessing.
I DON'T know if Alastair Down's attack on the Great Leighs project (September 12) was prompted by a personal vendetta against John Holmes or by ignorance, but in case it was the latter, I would like to explain a few points.

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