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The arrest of Senator de Lima suggests that Duterte is willing to debase Philippine governance to the level of personal vendetta,' Phelim Kine of Human Rights Watch said in an e-mail to INQUIRER.
She's got two vendettas: her personal vendetta and then trying to protect the world from what she sees as imminent doom," the 56-year-old said of Lillian who she thinks is a character with "gray areas" rather than a full-blown villain.
Yasin Malik appealed to the civil society, writers, columnists, journalists and thinkers that while writing, they should focus on objectivity, facts, neutrality and should not be driven by their personal vendetta or liking and disliking.
For me there is no personal agenda or personal vendetta in going back to Plymouth.
There's a new killer on the loose - a vigilante with a personal vendetta against all past offenders.
How your personal vendetta and vindictive columns have affected our lives?
LAHORE, June 15, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The Pakistan Cricket Board insists that it is not pursuing any personal vendetta against sacked and retired captain Shahid Afridi and has taken action against him as part of a revised process to check indiscipline among players.
And she claimed Shiona was a "spiteful, vindictive woman" who "appears to be trying to use newspapers, the public and the legal system in her personal vendetta for vengeance".
Warner sent an e-mail to the Press Association claiming: "I am sure it's a personal vendetta.
Warne (above) is a bona fide genius, while Colly is a self-made grafter of modest natural talent - yet the Aussie leg-spinner remains committed to his wonderfully childish personal vendetta against the Durham man.

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