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The combination brings together Kibo's cloud commerce platform, comprised of both eCommerce and order management solutions, and Certona's personalisation platform.
The groups claimed Google did not have a valid legal basis to process user data for ad personalisation, as mandated by the GDPR.
The new centre is fully certified by Visa and MasterCard, and offers a one-stop solution for EMV card personalisation and associated services such as PIN by SMS, including the option of same day delivery.
With growing numbers of consumers expecting, and deliberately looking for, more relevant and tailored customer experiences, irrespective of device, time or location, it's clear that personalisation is no longer optional for any business looking to maximise all that digital has to offer."
FutureCard has been providing personalisation solutions for customers in multiple business sectors for more than eight years.
Personalisation as a concept is central to the notion of the post-bureaucratic welfare state and has been seized upon by all three main parties as the future for welfare provision.
Making this announcement today, Gemalto said that it will provide its Coesys Issuance solution for the personalisation of new electronic passports for Turkish citizens, including the certificate authority solution and associated integration services.
NATIONAL figures in the world of adult social care will be speaking at the second Personalisation Conference to be held in Wirral.
All this flowed from the new 'p' word - 'personalisation'.
Summary: Network International, the regionCOs largest payment and processing service provider of credit and debit cards, and Oberthur Technologies, one of the leading suppliers of card-based solutions, have signed a joint venture agreement to create a state-of-the-art cards security and personalisation bureau in the UAE.
The theory of "personalisation" which the team are looking at aims to examine and share best practice.
The project aims to develop workable concepts of personalisation that can be spread around the education system.

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