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Goods; chattels; articles; movable property, whether animate or inanimate.


Personal Property.

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n. movable assets (things, including animals) which are not real property, money, or investments. (See: personal property, real property)

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reasonable amount of personalty entitled to exemption status as well as
But Beard had been disinclined to provide explanations for why owners of "personalty" and owners of "realty," assuming that they had conflicting economic interests, (36) concluded that those interests inclined them to support or oppose the Constitution.
Journal of Personalty and Social Psychology, 42, 116-131.
The remedy of specific performance originated and was principally applied as an equitable means of ensuring that the intended beneficiary of an agreement for the transfer of a specified parcel of realty or a unique piece of personalty received the benefit of their bargain.
have understood 'escheat' as encompassing the appropriation of both real and personal property, and we use the term in that broad sense."); Note, supra note 20, at 1327 ("American escheat statutes make no distinction between bona vacantia and escheat and are applicable to realty and personalty alike....
A bailment is defined as "a delivery of personalty for some particular purpose, or on mere deposit, upon a contract express or implied, that after the purpose has been fulfilled it will be redelivered to the person who delivered it, or otherwise dealt with according to that person's directions, or kept until it is reclaimed." 9 N.Y.JUR.
Journal of PersonaltY.' and Social Psychology, 53, 594-602.
From this foundation Ikenberry provides a skillfully selected palette of essays arranged into sections titled "International Sources of Foreign Policy;" "Capitalism, Class, and Foreign Policy;" "National Values, Democratic Institutions, and Foreign Policy;" "Public Opinion, Policy Legitimacy, and Sectional Conflict;" "Bureaucratic Politics and Organizational Culture;" "Perceptions, Personalty, and Social Psychology;" and, finally, "American Foreign Policy After the Bush Administration."
Even my personalty. I stopped liking skating because of her, and practically threw everything that had to do with skating to the side.
Other, more progressive sages have come up with other, more progressive explanations, explaining that "lapidot" might suggest the prophetess's fiery personalty. This certainly seems apt for a woman who brushed off her general's almost romantic entreaty to join him in battle.
The same principles applicable to interest-bearing obligations also apply to leased realty or personalty which is included in the gross estate and with respect to which an obligation to pay rent has been reserved.
Albee creates her in a rather implicit way, by letting us gather piece after piece of information about her personalty. She lives in a world of respected, socially constructed manners and an established status quo, both of which she has been working hard to bring to her vision of perfection.