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To promote the internationalization of guidance, the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance and the National Career Development Association cosponsored the 2004 symposium on International Perspectives on Career Development.
Our society is one of overspecialization, and we have experts for most issues who present us with partial truths from particular perspectives.
Managers can then ask additional questions from each of these perspectives.
The high-profile nature of these teams, as well as the competitiveness of joining their ranks, results in team members who have a high degree of solidarity, confidence, and esprit-de-corps for their unit, especially in their shared team-related culture and perspectives.
The Middle Ages' reversed perspectives, simple modeling, and subordination of natural forms to geometric schema created a type of existential time, Bonnefoy argues.
Complaining about a lack of avant-garde films in the Perspectives Canada program at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is like complaining about a lack of brown bears on Yonge Street.
racial relations reacted to the protests of the 1960s by moving in the direction of perspectives accenting institutional racism or internal colonialism and civil rights legislation.
It is also important for environmental managers to learn that there are different perspectives from which to regard the complex problems and issues with which they must deal.
Different investigators often use different perspectives to approach their subject matter and accordingly, their analyses and conclusions will differ from those who use other perspectives.
Convergence of theoretical perspectives has been a recurring topic in the career literature for quite some time (Savickas, 1995b; Sharf, 1997; Zunker, 2002).