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I was already aware that in the whaling business they paid no wages; but all hands, including the captain, received certain shares of the profits called lays, and that these lays were proportioned to the degree of importance pertaining to the respective duties of the ship's company.
My temperament, in matters pertaining to solid land, is the temperament of leisurely movement, of deliberate gait.
Look you then for the teeth of this creatur'," interrupted the trapper, who was bent on convincing a man who had presumed to enter into competition with himself, in matters pertaining to the wilds, of gross ignorance; "turn the piece round and find your inside-overs.
Whatever Becky's private plan might be by which Dobbin's true love was to be crowned with success, the little woman thought that the secret might keep, and indeed, being by no means so much interested about anybody's welfare as about her own, she had a great number of things pertaining to herself to consider, and which concerned her a great deal more than Major Dobbin's happiness in this life.
The ancient Surveyor -- being little molested, suppose, at that early day with business pertaining to his office -- seems to have devoted some of his many leisure hours to researches as a local antiquarian, and other inquisitions of a similar nature.
Rameez Ahmed pertaining to National Saving centre, Mohammad Rafique related to IRIS system in FBR, Mr.
He also clarified that no concession would be made pertaining to encroachments which causing inconveniences for locals.
Organisers of the upcoming Indian Property Show, scheduled to be held from December 11-13, 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, are bringing in top rated lawyers from across India to help provide fast answers pertaining to all property related issues.
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (Department) requests proposals from qualified lawyers and law firms to provide professional legal services, specifically in the role as endangered species counsel, in matters pertaining to endangered species law.
Established in 1962, COT is authorized to formulate FEI statements and positions on matters pertaining to tax legislation, policies, practices, rules and regulations.
There are numerous examples, which may be given pertaining to the integrated curriculum.
Section three: 70 pages: offers more detailed information pertaining to particular breeds of cats.