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PERTURBATION. This is a technical word which signifies disturbance, or infringement of a right. It is usually applied to the disturbance of pews, or seats in a church. In the ecclesiastical courts actions for these disturbances are technically called "suits for perturbation of seat." 1 Phillim. 323. Vide Pew.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The important remark we obtain by comparing the influence of E on the perturbation in flat and curved spaces is that E kills the perturbation in flat space (Fig.
Active perturbation uses an additional source of energy to obtain a suitable variation in the node measurement.
Over the past 10 years much research has been published concerning perturbation training.
After downloading the full collection of signatures, they were stored locally in an SQLite 3 database for fast access to signatures specific to one perturbation.
"La station electrique n 1 de la wilaya de Bouira a connu dans la nuit de samedi a dimanche, une interruption en alimentation en energie electrique, qui a dure quatre heures, causant ainsi une perturbation d'alimentation en eau potable, dans quatre wilayas du pays", a indique mardi a l'APS, le Directeur general de l'Algerienne des eaux (ADE) Ismail Amirouche.
Track and intensity of the high-resolution control simulation of Patricia (black) overlaid with the initial condition perturbation ensemble (blue) and the stochastic perturbation ensemble (magenta).
30 experiments with the HS method have been performed and also experiments with perturbation and without perturbation in the controller were carried out with the FHS, IT2FHS, and GT2FHS fuzzy harmony search algorithms.
Analytical solutions for the transverse electric field distributions found for some basic dielectric profiles [mathematical expression not reproducible], such as rectangular slabs and cylindrical waveguides, can be used as basis solutions for finding analytical approaches of relatively more complex transverse dielectric distributions by using the perturbation theory [4-6]; this method allows spanning the perturbed scenario through a linear combination of the unperturbed solutions.
It is clear that the presence of small-scale perturbation in SLP (wind, vorticity, geopotential height, etc.) field has significant effect on correctly identifying the center of landed TC in a numerical model.
Therefore, considering the backbone HTS relaying communication undergoes the large-scale and complex SIN dual-hop channel properties, such as rain attenuation [7], solar scintillation [8], perturbation factors [9], and interference [10-13], this paper investigates the performance of SIN return channel cooperative communications via an amplify-and-forward (AF) backbone satellite relaying for VN communications.

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