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Yukari, Development of Pervious Concrete, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 2009.
Finally, pervious concrete control and photocatalytic shoulders will be poured immediately following the standards shoulders.
"We're just getting started on some research at Purdue that would be a concrete sealer and curing agent," says West, "not for pervious concrete, like [C.sup.2] is doing, but for standard indoor/ outdoor concrete installation."
Pervious concrete allows rainwater to percolate through it.
However, a lower mechanical strength of pervious concrete constrains the application of pervious concrete.
Pervious concrete is a porous pavement that allows stormwater runoff to drain through it instead of over the pavement to a storm sewer system.
Beginning with an overview of principles of sustainable design, the volume covers such topics as concrete thermal mass, roller compacted concrete pavements, pervious concrete for green surfaces, heat island effects, and reuse and the rehabilitation of concrete structures.
The pervious concrete used also stores less heat due to its relatively open pore structure.
Wilson Motors was awarded the best new pervious concrete application throughout Washington state.
The pervious concrete, permeable brick and gravel pave used across the site in parking areas and main walkways allow stormwater to filter back into the soil instead of draining into streams and rivers.
The University of New Hampshire has installed what it says is the first major pervious concrete parking facility in New England as part of a project to study its effectiveness as a stormwater management tool.