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Another neighbour said the police were "running around with fire extinguishers" after the petrol bombs were thrown.
Three petrol bombs were thrown at officers who attended the hijacking and there were reports of other petrol bombs being hurled later on Monday.
Police lines then came under attack with petrol bombs from people gathered on the Springfield Road.
Fragments of both petrol bombs were discovered on the driveway of the property and these have been taken away for further forensic examinations.
Another, from Norwich, said what happened to the protester was the best way of preventing future petrol bomb attacks.
The police also found a number petrol bombs (Molotov cocktails) in the site.
When police examined the scene they found two unused petrol bombs, one made out of a beer bottle and the other a pot noodle container.
One petrol bomb was lobbed at a female pedestrian, who jumped out of the way, and another was thrown at a dark coloured BMW, which managed to swerve to avoid it.
As well as petrol bombs, police said a pipe bomb was thrown at officers at Free Derry Corner in the Bogside.
30pm, 70 to 100 people became involved in throwing petrol bombs and missiles at police.
Police said four people were arrested for public order offences and minor disturbances with several petrol bombs thrown but no injuries.
The army spokeswoman said soldiers found 10 petrol bombs at the scene.