Molotov cocktail

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Bramley then made three petrol bombs using socks as wicks.
One petrol bomb was lobbed at a female pedestrian, who jumped out of the way, and another was thrown at a dark coloured BMW, which managed to swerve to avoid it.
At one stage petrol bombs, fireworks, stones and bottles were being hurled by rioters.
A petrol bomb was hurled at police and a number of the explosive devices were seized.
In November, the Gazette reported how terrified youngsters narrowly escaped serious injury when a petrol bomb was launched at them outside Acklam Grange School in Middlesbrough.
The glass bottle petrol bomb was thrown into the portable building office of cab firm Speedline, in Brickyard Road, Aldridge, early yesterday morning.
Geoffrey Fryar, prosecuting, told the court Fearon, his victim and other youths were making petrol bombs and throwing them at a wall on March 29.
But a man inside the flat refused to come out and began hurling petrol bombs at police officers trying to persuade him to leave.
However, everyone must realise that grievances, real or imagined, will not be addressed by throwing blast and petrol bombs at police and the destruction of property.
Insp Alan Swann said: "Police received reports of a group of youths in dark clothing with hoods up carrying a crate of petrol bombs and were heading towards the St James Park area .
When violence broke out with police at the end of the first day of the Northern Ireland marching season, journalist Alys Harte found herself in the thick of the missiles and petrol bombs.
On the evening a group congregated in Daventry Road where a parked car was set on fire and petrol bombs were thrown.