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PHAROS. A light-house or beacon. It is derived from Phams, a small island at the mouth of the Nile, on which was built a watch-tower.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pharos typically invests USD 25m-USD 50m in rapidly growing middle market companies seeking later stage funding for internal growth, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, or recapitalisations predominantly across healthcare sectors.
It will culminate with some of the soloists joining forces on June 6 for a memorable finale at one of the most impressive cultural venues in Cyprus -- the Pharos Arts Foundation's open-air venue, The Olive Grove, in Delikipos.
"The level of commitment that was made to create this unique technology campus experience, combined with a focus on employee wellness and community sustainability, is the perfect fit for Pharos as we further our development as a benefit corporation and solidify our foundation for growth," Pharos CEO Kevin Pickhardt said.
The setting, characters, and plot of Thompson's Pharos offer a site for the investigation of the phantomic effect and its ensuing implications in the social realm.
Its flagship product, Pharos, launched in 2004 and revolutionized the dermatology world with its technology and game-changing business model.
With Qualcomm Atheros enterprise level chipsets, high gain antennas and high power amplifiers, the Pharos series are built to maximize and stabilize long distance wireless transmission performance.
"I am delighted that the team at Pharos Creative have been able to use the DigitalCity Fellowship scheme as the springboard for their business and wish them every success."
The acquiring parties are a group of investors led by Pharos Holding Chairman and Founder Dr.
Hany Genena, head of research at Cairo-based Pharos Investment Bank, said the scheme aimed to offer security at a time of deteriorating state finances.
Pharos Datacom Ltd, a UK-based ecommerce company offering travel technology, has announced a partnership with Rail Europe Limited, a UK-based train ticketing company and a subsidiary of SNCF.
Summary: Pharos Research raised Telecom Egypt fair value estimate and kept a "buy" rating, saying the landline monopoly's first six months' performance surpassed expectations.
UK-based Pharos is demonstrating the Mediator 4, its latest version of the Mediator broadcast workflow management platform.