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They suggested another hypothesis, which is a combination of the previous theories that the FT appeared to be a failure in the chondrification of the mesenchymal elements derived from the fourth and sixth pharyngeal arches associated with the presence of the vessels and/or nerves proceeding from the superior laryngeal pedicle.
Shellcrackers have a set of crushers (pharyngeal arches) in their throats with molar-like teeth specifically evolved for eating snails and other freshwater mollusks.
The posterior one third of the tongue arises from the hypobranchial eminence, which is made up of mesoderm of the second, third and a portion of the fourth pharyngeal arches. Congenital dermoid cysts arise from epithelial rests trapped during midline fusion of these branchial arches whereas acquired dermoid cyst arise from epithelium implanted during trauma and they occur at the sites away from midline.