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Now, new research from a 19-member team of scientists led by Aaron Lindenberg at Stanford has shown that phase change memory can begin to switch between its two states (amorphous and crystallized) on the picosecond timescale.
Phase change memory, the other thing the industry is considering, runs at 10-to-1.
It has transferred the assets associated with its NOR flash memory business and certain assets relating to its phase change memory initiatives to Numonyx in exchange for 45.
The 26 chapters in this collection review the current technology for designing and fabricating spin transfer torque random access memory, phase change memory, ferroelectric FET memory, redox-based resistive memory, electronic effect resistive switching memories, molecular transistors, memory select devices, carbon nanotube field-effect transistors, and NEMS switches.
The former are prized for their superior mechanical properties such as extreme toughness while latter underpin emergent technologies such as optical data storage and phase change memory.
Their topics include multi-core embedded systems design, resource allocation with inaccurate information, scheduling for phase change memory with scratch pad memory, task scheduling in multiprocessors to reduce peak temperature, and battery-aware scheduling for wireless sensor networks.
Now IBM Research - Zurich has announced a new type of inexpensive and reliable universal non-volatile memory, called phase change memory (PCM).
Zike has also served on the Board of Directors of several companies including energy & environmental services company, a semiconductor joint venture and a high-tech phase change memory company.
2 expand the system's capabilities for testing all types of non-volatile memory devices, including flash, phase change memory (PRAM and PC-RAM), resistive memory (RRAM or ReRAM), and magnetoresistive (MRAM) memory devices.