Philadelphia Lawyer

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Philadelphia Lawyer

A colloquial term that was initially a compliment to the legal expertise and competence of an attorney due to the outstanding reputation of the Philadelphia bar during colonial times. More recently the term has become a disparaging label for an attorney who is skillful in the manipulation of the technicalities and intricacies of the law to the advantage of his or her client, although the spirit of the law might be violated.

For example, an attorney who uses repeated motions for postponement of an action or excessive discovery requests as dilatory tactics primarily for the advantages that inure to his or her client, as opposed to legitimate grounds for such actions, might be regarded as a Philadelphia lawyer.

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Andrew Hamilton (1676-1741): considered the "first" Philadelphia lawyer because he established the concept of freedom of the press in his successful 1735 defense of John Peter Zenger.
Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics, cited the oath in a summer 1995 article they cowrote for the Philadelphia Lawyer.
Try out this quote I saw in a 1982 law book, by a prominent Philadelphia lawyer named David Kairys: "Law is simply politics by other means.
A lawsuit, filed by Philadelphia lawyer Joseph Kohn, charges that Texaco "acted with callous disregard for the health, well-being and safety of the plaintiffs.
Now there's a weapon for small businesses," notes one Philadelphia lawyer.
Inchiquin, The Jesuit's Letters by Charles Ingersoll, a Philadelphia lawyer and writer, was published.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Alan Grodnitzky, a Philadelphia lawyer representing News America Corp.
In Pennsylvania, the Department of Agriculture inspects amusement rides, but operators will often argue that hayrides don't fall into that category because they're being used on private property, said Jeffrey Reiff, a Philadelphia lawyer who represents people injured in amusement park accidents.
According to the girl's Philadelphia lawyer, Daniel P.
George Miller, a Philadelphia lawyer who handled the sale of the Halsey mill, could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Susan Burke, a Philadelphia lawyer who is lead counsel in the case, said that Blackwater "claims it is not subject to Iraqi law, or to Iraqi courts.
The nitty gritty is the health assessment criteria in accordance with legislation which would baffle a Philadelphia lawyer.

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