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Philippe Sollers, who has written for Le Journal du Dimanche for the past 13 years, had apparently gone "one step too far" in an article that attacked Trierweiler's controversial Twitter message that provoked political outrage in France earlier this month.
He does this first by reviewing French cultural attitudes in the 1960s, the events of May '68, and the role played by various Maoist actors and groups in the events of May and the years that followed, and then goes on to examine in some detail the association with Maoism of some of France's leading intellectuals: Jean-Paul Sartre, the Tel Quel group (primarily Philippe Sollers and Julia Kristeva), and Michel Foucault.
Speaking with the critic Philippe Sollers in an interview broadcast on France Culture, Ponge disclosed his preferred mode of literary warfare: the bomb.
Paris wits have recalled with delight the famous prediction of General Charles de Gaulle on Jackie Kennedy ("She will end up with an oil billionaire"), but the novelist and critic Philippe Sollers predicts otherwise.
The source of the phrase by Leibniz in the excerpt from October 5, 1973, comes from the conclusion of a quotation sent to Ponge with a note from his friend, writer and critic Philippe Sollers, in November 1969: "Itaque plurium Mentium creatione Deus efficere voluit, de universo, quod pictor aliquis de magna urbe, qui varias ejus species sive projectiones delineatas exhibere vellet, pictor in tabula, ut Deux in mente.
As he loops along his delirious spirals of facts, names, dates, and places, Mathews pauses for snapshots of French intellectuals and celebrities, from Philippe Sollers to Jacques Brel, and manages fresh, astute takes on 1968 Paris.
Meanwhile, Alain Finkielkraut and Philippe Sollers are contrasted with B-HL for their styles of being politically committed writers.
PHILIPPE SOLLERS claims to have converted to Roman Catholicism in 1979.
IN L'Etoile des amants (The lover's star), perhaps the most poetic novel of his vast opus, Philippe Sollers has given us a prose celebration of Baudelaire's poem "L'Invitation au voyage.
PHILIPPE SOLLERS HAS both an ear and a passion for music, reflected in his baritone singing voice and in his talent for playing the piano and the harpsichord.
And then there is no accounting for the roles of the Russian formalists, the New Criticism, and the Tel Quel group and Philippe Sollers in their modifications of the focus on the crucial role of the attitude toward the text in the evolution of hermeneutic theory.
Marcelin Pleynet first became associated with the Paris-based quarterly Tel Quel and Philippe Sollers in 1961.