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This pattern occurs not only within individual essays but also within Marcel's philosophical essays as a whole.
His philosophical essays too are very much in the Greek tradition.
Concepts and Categories: Philosophical Essays, 2nd Edition
To consider the truths given in the compositions of Thoreau must be to entertain the question of the unity of knowledge, as well as the possibility of alternate mediums, like poetry, journal writing, novels, orations, and philosophical essays, for the expression of truth.
He stopped composing the masterful, sweeping works of fiction that made him famous -- like "War and Peace" or "Anna Karenina" -- to focus on dry moral treatises and philosophical essays.
IN the West he's predominantly known for his book of poetic and philosophical essays (and wedding reading favourites) The Prophet.
Religious Upbringing and the Costs of Freedom: Personal and Philosophical Essays.
The philosophical essays discuss this issue mainly through an examination of the thought of Rawls and Habermas.
His survey of the politics, social issues, health concerns and more surrounding this event creates a hard-hitting series of investigative and philosophical essays probing the heart of nuclear issues and impact.
These essays are divided among three different groups: philosophical essays, legal ones, and those which deal with global/cultural notions, so necessary in an age where increased globalization of media products is the norm.
This book is a collection of philosophical essays on events in the Middle East by a prominent dissident.

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