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What Jones presents is really a rapid reading of many texts, grouped according to the three main phases of the intellectual career (1918-1923, 1924-1939, and 1940-1955) in terms of a rather simplistic approach to literary modernism and philosophical idealism.
In his previous novel, Selige Zeiten, bruchige Welt (1991), Robert Menasse dramatized the destruction wrought on personal lives and intimate relationships by Hegelian grandiosity and unrestrained philosophical idealism.
For the German intellectual community, his language harked back to the rich, colorful, and subtly vigorous vocabulary of the great nineteenth century poets and philosophers, especially those in the tradition of philosophical idealism.
Bradley revisionism" is often (though not always) characterized by the following claims: (i) the idealist movement in Great Britain was principally concerned with defending evangelical Christianity against Darwinism and the advance of the natural sciences; (ii) philosophical idealism as it developed in both Germany and Great Britain has as its distinguishing characteristic the identification of thought with reality; (iii) earlier commentators were mistaken in thinking that Bradley was committed to this doctrine and hence a proponent of idealism; and (iv) Bradley was himself confused when he endorsed the logical/metaphysical views of his idealist contemporary, Bernard Bosanquet.

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