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A fundamental, well-settled Rule of Law . A basic truth or undisputed legal doctrine; a given legal proposition that is clear and does not need to be proved.

A principle provides a foundation for the development of other laws and regulations.


(Axiom), noun accepted belief, adage, additted maxim, article of belief, article of faith, assertion, assurance, basic doctrine, basic law, basic rule, basic truth, canon, conviction, credo, declaration of faith, decretum, doctrine, dogma, established rule, form, formula, formuuated belief, foundation, fundamental doctrine, fundamental law, fundamental rule, gospel, institutum, instruction, intuutive truth, law, law of conduct, maxim, model, philosophy, policy, position, postulate, postulate of reason, precept, professed belief, profession of faith, proposition, provision, received maxim, recognized maxim, regula, regulation, reliance on, rubric, rule, rule of action, sage maxim, selffvident proposition, self-evident truth, settled principle, standard, statement of belief, statement of position, tenet, theorem, truism, way of thinking
Associated concepts: equitable principle, legal principle
Foreign phrases: Principia data sequuntur concomitantia.Given principles are followed by their concomitants. Principia probant, non probantur. Principles prove, they are not proved. Unumquodque principiorum est sibimetipsi fides; et perspicua vera non sunt probanda. Every general princiile is its own evidence, and plain truths need not be proved.


(Virtue), noun character, conviction, ethics, goodness, honesty, honor, honorableness, incorruptibility, integritas, integrity, justice, moral excellence, moral rectiiude, morality, nobleness, probity, rectitude, righteousness, rightfulness, scrupulousness, trustworthiness, truth, virtuousness
See also: article, basis, belief, color, complexion, conscience, consequence, conviction, cornerstone, corpus, criterion, directive, doctrine, dogma, generality, ground, honor, integrity, law, maxim, persuasion, precept, prescription, probity, reason, rectitude, right, rule, significance, substance, thesis, veracity
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The argument against there being a philosophically valuable history of philosophy that is not guided by a philosophical principle is that history of philosophy is a philosophical discipline and as such its purpose is to express the truth; but the various stages of history of philosophy cannot be evaluated in terms of truth unless there is a criterion of truth.
Intellectually, I was very excited to read Broom's book, as its description anticipated a synthetic and forward-looking account of how philosophical principles of purpose, intention, and mind could be wedded with evolution.
The artist behind this work, Obst (Fruit), 2008, is Steven Claydon, the British syncretist who loves to create installations representing all kinds of philosophical principles and deities.
someone who has philosophical principles and adheres to them consistently.
The images and imagery evoked center on a troubadour--a familiar motif in numerous African cultural forms--but Ojaide's images deep-end our understanding and knowledge of the basic philosophical principles on which the human world is founded.
Ramsay's posthumous Philosophical Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion (1748) are a summa of his thought.
Although economist Frank is not likely to persuade colleagues who don't already share his distaste for excessive income equality, he tries for a compromise: "We need not reach agreement on all philosophical principles of fairness to recognize that (rising inequality) has imposed considerable harm .
It is one of those rare texts which offers rich, practical advice for teachers at all levels, provides a set of core philosophical principles on which to base classroom practice and is rooted in an intellectual rigour that all teachers need at this time of political threat and uncertainty.
In essays that link basketball to philosophical principles there is no need to make the essays also carry the weight of too many attempts to have "Plato go zone" or "Hume drive the lane.
Our laws are established upon a foundation of ethical and philosophical principles without which they would be no better than an assertion of the powers of the state against the individual.
The purpose is to show that environmental philosophy, even in its most Western guise, owes its basic principles, perspectives and world view to concepts, ideas, and philosophical principles derived from earlier and non-Western thought.
Among the chapters here, Canadian philosopher James Young explores value, perception, judgement and the application of philosophical principles such as the 'cultural significance principle' in considering the ethics of claims on material culture.

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