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Zenobia was freed by the emperor, who granted let an elegant villa in Tibur (modern Tivoli, Italy) where she dedicated herself In pursuing the philosphical interests she had learnt from her preceptor Cassius Longinus
Maniglier also claims that one of the features of the period is the attempt to grasp the philosphical consequences of the introduction of the structuralist methodology in the human sciences, or, as he puts it, to write the book that Saussure dit not and could not write (372).
'Lit and Phil' building is gift to YMCA THE Stockton Literary and Philosphical Institute planned to make a pounds 60,000 gift of its headquarters in Dovecot Street to the Stockton YMCA.
Freedom to believe; philosphical and cultural essays.
Birmingham manager Alex McLeish was commendably philosphical. "We got a break with a bad decision last week at Everton and it went against us today," he said.
(113.) ADOLF BERGER, 43 ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY OF ROMAN LAW 527 (American Philosphical Society 1991) (1953).
It has been reported this week that tube drivers have taken to reading out philosphical quotes over the public announcement system, a move, say Transport For London, designed to "lift the moods of those travelling on the Piccadilly Line".
"I hope that you will be behind me next time." Dokic was philosphical after the defeat, saying she had proved she could again match it with the best in the world.
Remaining philosphical about this minor setback, Ahmad compares his luck to championship leader Ollie Hancock of Team Apotex Scorpio.
In part a meditation on translation and its gendered implications, it is equally a philosphical musing on language, and a poetic evocation of traversing the distance between Luisa Capetillo's thought and my own.
Moyn is at his analytical best in detailing the intricate philosophical connections between Levinas and his influences, and he is at his argumentative best when he tackles detailed readings of Levinas's texts, but despite Moyn's fulsome accounting of Levinas's philosphical development, I am left with several reservations.