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It added that The Binary reflects its philosphy of creating structures with a distinct visual identity, with exterior facades inspired by the binary code.
She said that Asfandyar Wali and his team had deviated from the pathway and philosphy of Bacha Khan ading that he, asfandyar, was being dictated from his foreign lords.
Waqf in Malaysia: Legal and Administrative Perspective, Thesis for Doctor of Philosphy (Phd), University of Malaya Press, Kuala Lumpur.
Fully exposed to the public, with Bough Down, Green shifts the discussion inward, invoking the philosphy of German Idealism in her description of identity--in her own case, as a widow--as located in a "no-man's land" between others (or "the Other") and the self.
Then there is philosphy, some of the leading thinkers of the world, Marx, Goethe and Niesche to name but a few.
Aguila said that for 2014, DA Market's investment philosphy would be to beat bond and money market rates and help clients post a return of at least 6 percent.
David Robertson explains the philosphy behind the booming firm: "One of the top selling toys was a lifelike tractor modelled on the Massey-Fergusons found on many a postwar European farm.
Chris Griffin, head of education at River Cottage said: "The new menus embrace our SLOW philosphy - Seasonal, Local, Organic and Wild.
It's a philosphy that matches how she views the world in general.
8220;These awards reinforce Jenne University's overall Avaya training philosphy, which is to provide the best facilities, instructors and content available to help our resellers be more competitive in their Avaya related sales.
At League One level, that's not easy and going almost three months without a win could seriously challenge your faith in your philosphy but Smith and assistant Richard O'Kelly's belief in what they are doing - and their players' ability to deliver it - has not wavered for an instant.
Bernasconi, Robert (1997), "African Philosphy's Challenge to Continental Philosphy", Postcolonial African Philosphy.