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According to Dhar, cognitive behavioural therapy helps in conquering the phobia by rationalising the fear.
He and colleagues are studying these biased perceptions as well as attitudes with hopes that the new knowledge will enhance treatment for people with various phobias.
A BIRMINGHAM phobia expert has launched a new service helping people overcome their fear of heights.
The mental health charity Mind estimates there are more than 10 million people who suffer from more ordinary phobias that range from heights to flying.
Desperate dad Gareth Brennan will appear on TV to fix his phobia of fish.
Another finding was that treating for a specific phobia also had an impact on the comorbid disorder.
In the TV show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, the 10 participants had to endure tough "bushtucker trials" that confronted many of their fears and phobias, ranging from touching eels, crossing high, swaying bridges and swimming in reptile-filled waters.
Phobias afflict more than 16 million Britons, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists says one in ten will suffer a debilitating fear at some point in their lives.
StormPhobia has come online as the world's first Internet web site about the fear of lightning, thunder and tornadoes -- collectively known as severe weather phobia.
Half of UK adults suffer phobias, with a third scared of heights, one in seven afraid of flying and one in ten driven to distraction by spiders, a study has revealed.
It's also possible to treat phobias with cognitive behaviour therapy, which aims to change the way a person thinks about a frightening possibility so they're no longer scared.
PHOBIAS: "I have got one huge phobia that I can't talk about.