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Sadly, he missed Terrance Finnegan's superb Shooting the Front, which describes Allied photo-reconnaissance from soup to nuts.
He later moved into photo-reconnaissance, taking pictures over Germany of locations such as Berlin and Hitler's hideout at Berchtesgaden.
Proceeding on the assumption that the Germans would collocate their radars, perhaps for security, perhaps for convenience, Reginald Victor Jones, a civilian technical expert in the employ of the British Air Ministry, requested that the RAF conduct detailed photo-reconnaissance of known Freya sites in the hopes a Wurzburg would turn up.
The aircraft was based at the recently captured Foggia airfield in south-east Italy and the use of this airfield enabled Allied photo-reconnaissance flights to cover much more of occupied Europe than had previously been possible.
USAF: Air Dominance," which will be shown at NASCAR races and other events, puts prospective blue-suiters behind a joystick as they fly three missions: piloting an F-22 fighter that's coming to the aid of a friendly F-4 under attack by hostile MiG-29s, controlling a Predator unmanned air vehicle on a photo-reconnaissance run and flying a C-17 transport plane dropping humanitarian cargo in a war-torn nation.
The former upper-turret gunner on a photo-reconnaissance B-17 in the Pacific leaned on his cane in front of the Fox terminal.