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A significant feature of the box: Weilburger's UV coatings didn't contain "classical" low-molecular-weight photoinitiators. Instead, the UV radiation was based on a self-crosslinking process in the coating's polymers.
The degree of conversion of the dental resin, which is the marker of polymerization efficiency, depends on the correlation between the spectral distribution of the light source and the absorption spectra of the photoinitiator [21].
Effect of Photoinitiator Concentration on PAA Hydrogel Modulus.
Photoinitiators are used in radiation-curing formulations in various industries.
PDLCs were prepared by PIPS from a homogeneous mixture of photoactive solution, liquid crystal E7 and photoinitiator in a predetermined ratio as shown in Table 2.
Initial studies were carried out to analyse the effect of photoinitiator concentrations (0.1, 0.3 and 0.5wt%) on the hydrogels properties by curing them for 20 minutes.
At this dilution the photoinitiator has negligible absorption at the analytical wavelength.
The choice of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, and additives all impact these coating properties, and also should be controlled.
It can be speculated that EBleach Low presents an alternative photoinitiator, because camphorquinone has a yellow coloration.
However, in addition to the acrylic monomers and photoinitiators, there are cross-linking agents, reaction accelerators, plasticizers and pigments.
By combining a PROVE (proportional velocity dependence) photoinitiator with a photoinitiator that has a conventional exposure dependence, Fourkas and co-workers were also able to demonstrate a photoresist for which the resolution was independent of the exposure over a broad range of exposure times.
The high light-harvesting efficiency and ICPE of plants or algae give inspiration to the development of a novel kind of photoinitiator with improved initiating efficiency.