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His score was just one shot off grabbing a share of the Photostatic Cup, which went to Wales Under-18 squad member and the Vale of Glamorgan's recently crowned Augusta Putter champion Luke Thomas, of Pontypridd.
After being contacted, the California Department of Motor Vehicles mailed a photostatic copy of his driver's license.
According to Judge Scalia, in order to accept a public right of access to prejudgment records, "one would have to accept that the court, writing in the days before photostatic copying, envisioned the passing around of documentary exhibits from the jury to the audience, or the manual copying of all of them.
It was banned from British Empire territories, but both Ireland and South Africa brought out a clandestine edition while members of the British Intelligence Service in Egypt smuggled a hundred photostatic copies into Palestine itself.
At one point, when asked whether she had an independent recollection of an alleged drug buy, Bright Eyes replied: "I don't have a photostatic record of memory, sir.
Egypt saved her carbon copies and, later, photostatic copies of all her writings.
There is irony in Meritt's mistake, since he studied Antwerp/London in detail and directed the Kindschi edition, executed with photostatic copies of the manuscript pages.
The court records for Droitwich are deposited in Hereford and Worcester County Record Office, but this work is based on photostatic copies deposited in the Birmingham Reference Library under the title Droitwich Borough Records.
Following Black's confirmation, a newspaper reporter broke the Klan story -- complete with photostatic copies of relevant documents -- and a political firestorm erupted.
If any business, institution, member of a profession or calling, or any department or agency of government, in the regular course of business or activity has kept or recorded any memorandum, writing, entry, print, representation or combination thereof, of any act, transaction, occurrence or event, and in the regular course of business has caused any or all of the same to be recorded, copied, or reproduced by any photographic, photostatic, microfilm, micro-card, miniature photographic, or other process which accurately reproduces or forms a durable medium for so reproducing the original, the original may be destroyed in the regular course of business unless held in a custodial or fiduciary capacity or unless its preservation is required by law.