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The book models legal ethics as an exercise in phronesis and makes an appeal for a normatively committed jurisprudence that works patiently and incrementally to advance public morality on disputed matters.
Ivo Neame Quintet - the pianist is probably best know from the Anglo-Scandinavian trio Phronesis, but he gets to write more for his own five piece with a new album due out.
When perfected, our deliberative part results in the virtue of phronesis or practical wisdom, which leads us always to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, to the right persons, and so on.
Thalia Arawi followed with a presentation entitled "The Practice of Medicine Is an Art" in which she emphasized the role played by the physician to make use of moral wisdom and phronesis when adverse patient outcomes arise and the importance of aligning the hidden and informal curricula with the formal one.
CORK ANDY DUNNE FULL CIRCLE - The Oliver Plunkett MAYO PHRONESIS - Linenhall Arts Centre, [euro]16
At least three of these players are now major figures on the UK scene, with Neame being particularly notable, as a member of Phronesis and the Cinematic Orchestra.
It is precisely because majoritarians, originalists, and perfectionists capture part of the truth that I contend prudence, or phronesis, ought to be considered the most important virtue when judges are deciding hard cases.
There's a strong UK representation, with sets by Phronesis, Roller Trio, reedsman Julian Siegel, plus pianists Zoe Rahman, Django Bates and Jason Rebello.
Their topics include network innovation, making innovation happen using accounting controls, self-managing teams as a case of management innovation in action, management education for organizational and managerial innovation, phronesis and improvisation in knowledge work, communities of practice, innovation and the culture of persecution in managing the Lodz ghetto, and innovating professionalism in a communication consultancy.
It was a fine way to end a great weekend of music as Phronesis are surely young enough and good enough to be a mainstay of festivals like this for years to come.
There are problems, for example, with the author's identification of pre-modern economic thought (oikonomia) with the ethical intellectual virtue of phronesis (90) and his subsequent generalization of economics as a matter of ethics (84).