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The result of the physical experiments revealed that, the indoor temperature of "enclosure A" with configuration one PCD assembly was decreased.
Such an approach could enable comparing the results of numerical simulation and physical experiment not only qualitatively.
One may object: it depends not on one's level of consciousness, but from one's level of physical experiment.
However, just as the measurements of Picard and Flamsteed alone enabled Newton to deduce the rule of the general attraction force, so is it also necessary to co mpile tables of the physical properties of all sorts of materials in various states by measurement and theory, tables like those of the orbits of the celestial bodies, before the synthesis of indigo can be carried out in a physical experiment, the investigations of Regnault will be considered chemical measurements, and a second Newton will explain the world of molecules.
However, as in a physical experiment, a computer can only approximate a fractal.
were adjusted to provide the most accurate representation of actual conditions of the physical experiment.
The subject of the tender is unique kryomagnetickeho acquisition system for physical experiments in the temperature range from 50 mk to 400 k with a full 3-axis vector magnet with the several optical inputs.
With the detailed plan of the physical experiments, the research team is already hard at work building the new tower.