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The initial physical experiment was designed so that the 16 combinations of high and low levels of the four controllable variables (see Table 1) were arranged over 8 days in such a way that eight observations were taken per day.
A detailed analysis for thermal modes is performed, using physical experiment with IR-camera and measured results are compared with results from thermal simulation for better results evaluation.
Physical experiments have been performed by applying universal oedometer apparatus ADS 1/3 (Wille Geotec Group 2010).
This was made in an unusual way, namely, by employing a physical experiment to solve the centuries-old mathematical problem.
Even if concepts of multi-dimensional space and time, constructed via reasonable thinking, demand confirmation by physical experiment (which at present seems far-fetched), it is still possible to confirm it in other ways.
Physical Experiment 3: Single vertical mass-spring setup
The data found in the physical experiments was similar to that discovered with the computer-animated investigations.
However, just as the measurements of Picard and Flamsteed alone enabled Newton to deduce the rule of the general attraction force, so is it also necessary to co mpile tables of the physical properties of all sorts of materials in various states by measurement and theory, tables like those of the orbits of the celestial bodies, before the synthesis of indigo can be carried out in a physical experiment, the investigations of Regnault will be considered chemical measurements, and a second Newton will explain the world of molecules.
It can be seen that dependences of transmission coefficient on the frequency of propagating microwaves in 1SCh11 ferrite waveguides obtained using physical experiment are similar to dependences obtained using commercial software.
However, as in a physical experiment, a computer can only approximate a fractal.
In the finite element model, Orgeron and Petr decided to represent the initial blast by a block hitting the top surface of the specimen at the same velocity as measured in the physical experiment.