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Both the primary and disaster-recovery systems are remotely managed entirely through software, eliminating physical interaction with datacenter equipment and reducing personnel requirements while safeguarding uptime.
The physical interaction with the product also yields valuable market intelligence data while consumers retain their privacy.
Automated, lights-out management: Once the BladeFrame system is installed, no physical interaction is required.
The proprietary all-purpose formula of our new GunOil[R] LOADED Hybrid Lubricant adapts so well to various forms of physical interaction that it could become the universal lube.
Through physical interaction with the Digi-Block materials, students discover for themselves the important role of grouping by tens -- and build a foundation for learning higher math concepts in the upper grades.
Chemistry and art for example often require physical interaction from students, making it difficult for these subjects to be taught online effectively.
The team also engaged mothers and children to understand purchase drivers and physical interaction with other products in the category, including taking video footage of moms and kids using current offerings.
By gaining the permission to use the accessibility service, Shedun is able to read the text that appears on screen, determine if an application installation prompt is shown, scroll through the permission list, and finally, press the install button without any physical interaction from the user.
Employers need to be aware sexual harassment ranges from sexual behaviour, physical interaction to sex-related harassment in the form of innuendo and jokes.
Hug Day is an annual, company-wide event which encourages physical interaction between residents, family and team members to celebrate the comfort and happiness that human contact can bring.
Automation and pre-processing are reducing the physical interaction with travelers during airport passenger screening, according to an analysis by Frost & Sullian.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Automation and pre-processing are reducing the physical interaction with travelers during airport passenger screening.