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noun assignment, avocation, billet, business, chore, duty, employment, function, labor, mission, occupation, position, profession, responsibility, role, task, trade, undertaking, vocation, work
See also: appointment, burden, business, calling, career, employment, enterprise, labor, livelihood, mission, occupation, office, part, position, post, profession, project, province, pursuit, role, trade, undertaking, work

JOB. By this term is understood among workmen, the whole of a thing which is to be done. In this sense it is employed in the Civil Code of Louisiana, art. 2727; "to build by plot, or to work by the job," says that article, "is to undertake a building for a certain stipulated price." See Durant. du Contr. de Louage, liv. 8, t. 8, n. 248, 263; Poth. Contr. de Louage, n. 392, 394 and Deviation.

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In addition to the physical job requirements, worker capacity, skill, and the social and physical organization of the work environment may influence the development and/or expression of MSDs.
It's a physical job and I'll be carrying that on this season.
11) Other studies have found that physical job demands and stress are important predictors of early retirement.
I'm 61 coming on 62 and this is a very demanding, physical job.
CompConnector allows authorized parties to create, search for, transmit and update information concerning provider networks, referrals, authorizations, treatment, work status, billing, eligibility of benefits, and injured worker's physical job requirements.
Shrey and Mital (1994) identify four requirements for effective transitional work programs: "1) objective worker evaluations, 2) a classification of the physical job demands, 3) medical surveillance and follow-up, and 4) graduated progression to an acceptable permanent placement option.
Physical job withdrawal results in high employee turnover, excessive absenteeism, and increased tardiness, all of which are costly and disruptive.
Declining physical job demands and improved control of chronic conditions may explain the difference.
This goes back centuries - this anxiety among male writers that what they're doing is somehow sissified, because they're writing, not fighting, and then the compensation for that is to treat writing or filmmaking as if it were some sort of male ritual, and to be more macho and more testosterone-ridden in their approach than a man who's doing a bluecollar or more physical job.
A variety of multi-media solutions will be offered including: online, video, print, virtual and physical job fairs, and radio.
He is not built for such a physical job and can be muscled into obscurity.
Julie said that Darren's death was still being classed as sudden death, with no obvious cause - the 44-year-old was fit and healthy and did a physical job.

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