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JOB. By this term is understood among workmen, the whole of a thing which is to be done. In this sense it is employed in the Civil Code of Louisiana, art. 2727; "to build by plot, or to work by the job," says that article, "is to undertake a building for a certain stipulated price." See Durant. du Contr. de Louage, liv. 8, t. 8, n. 248, 263; Poth. Contr. de Louage, n. 392, 394 and Deviation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Besides its sexual function, the penis has a physical job to do and, while it has to be big enough to get the job done, there's no advantage in hugeness.
At the time, he worked as a warehouseman - a physical job that his condition now ruled out.
Coal mining has always been a precarious business ( a tough, often hazardous, physical job in an industry where the commercial realities are equally hard.
He said: "Being a firefighter is a very physical job so you have to be very fit."
"Especially since my job is a very physical job - it's all about aesthetics - so that's what I'm being judged on every day.
He mused: "I know that I have a psychological job, and a physical job to do, and I know that it will be a hard one.
It may be true for MPs or managers who don't know what a real job is, but for the masses who go out to work and do a physical job for 50-odd years, retirement at 65 is welcomed.
"It's a very physical job. People don't realise the upper-body strength you need to carry the equipment when you're crawling around in house fires."
My husband used to shower every morning and evening as he has a tough, physical job but lately he hasn't been bothering.
"I wanted to move to a more physical job so this appealed, but with only a little woodwork experience from school, it was totally out of my comfort zone.
It was also quite a physical job, with a lot of lifting involved and no motorised tail lifts on the vehicles."

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