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This physical phenomena is suppressed by the hydraulic assist in a conventional system," states Guldner, "but we can enhance it electronically and amplify the effect at the steering wheel.
The physical phenomena produced by brain cell firings can be measured with modern equipment, and the data can be correlated with various cognitive and emotional states of the subjects.
Superview's dynamic viewing options provide engineers with the ability to rotate, zoom, and pan to examine models after they have been subjected to the applied physical phenomena.
universities or colleges for work in determining improved values of the fundamental constants, investigating related physical phenomena or developing new, fundamental measurement methods.
Solitary waves are physical phenomena that occur in seemingly random ways, but are caused by measurable physical factors such as abrupt changes in depth or subterranean seismic patterns in water.
It's Pythagorean ultimately and is based on such physical phenomena as the seven planets, including the sun and the moon--they didn't know about Pluto and Neptune; the seven days of the week; and the fact that at age seven one gets permanent teeth, after seven more years reaches puberty, and seven years later achieves full adult stature.
The second part deals with specific product areas but all this can easily be seen from the following list of chapter titles: Basic physical phenomena in the freezing and thawing of plant and animal tissues; Freezing technology; Packaging of frozen foods; Product safety from the factory to consumer; Nutritional aspects of frozen foods; Developing products for the market; Meat and meat products, Fish and shellfish; Freezing of vegetables and fruits; Manufacturing of frozen prepared meals; and Frozen bakery products.
Readers will come to a more complete understanding of the physical phenomena underlying spectroscopic measurement and therefore be better able to make use of ATR and other spectroscopic techniques.
Objective: MDLab (Modeling Dielectric Laboratory) has developed a novel micro- and nano-electronic devices simulation software focused on the physical phenomena occurring in the dielectric layers i.
Orthogonal polarization in lasers; physical phenomena and engineering applications.
The LHC represents one further step in the long path undertaken by humanity to understand the meaning of physical phenomena, the structure of matter, the principles of nature and the fundamental laws that govern the universe.
Intended as a textbook for graduate students, this volume is a cross-disciplinary work dedicated to describing physical phenomena that undergo quantitative or qualitative changes as the size of the objects under study gets down into the range of 0.

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