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noun arrest, ban, bar, barricade, blockade, bondage, brake, bridle, captivity, caution, censure, check, confinement, constraint, containment, control, curb, custody, damper, deprivation of liberty, detention, deterrence, deterrent, disallowance, discipline, dissuasion, durance, embargo, forbearance, forbiddance, guardianship, hamper, hindrance, holdback, impediment, impedimentum, imprisonment, incarceration, inhibition, interception, interference, limitation, moderatio, moderation, obstacle, obstruction, opposition, prevention, prohibition, proscription, repression, reserve, restriction, self-control, self-denial, servitude, shackle, slavery, stay, stop, stoppage, suppression, taboo, temperance, veto
Associated concepts: combination in restraint of trade, connpiracy in restraint of trade, prior restraint, restraint on alienation
See also: apprehension, arrest, bar, barrier, bondage, captivity, censorship, check, cloud, coercion, commitment, composure, compulsion, constraint, continence, control, custody, damper, detention, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, discipline, disincentive, durance, embargo, estoppel, fetter, force, handicap, hindrance, impediment, incarceration, incumbrance, injunction, lien, limitation, moderation, obstacle, obstruction, prohibition, propriety, quota, restriction, retention, servitude, stay, temperance, veto

RESTRAINT. Something which prevents us from doing what we would desire to do.
     2. Restraint is lawful and unlawful. It is lawful when its object is to prevent the violation of the law, or the rights of others. It is unlawful when it is used to prevent others from doing a lawful act; for example, when one binds himself not to trade generally; but an agreement not to trade in a particular place is lawful. A legacy given in restraint of marriage, or on condition that the legatee shall not marry, is good, and the condition alone is void. The Roman civil law agrees with ours in this respect; a legacy given on condition that the legatee shall not marry is void. Clef des Lois Rom. mot Passion. See Condition; Limitation.

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In Canadian ICUs, recent reports indicate the prevalence of physical restraint use ranges from 53% to 79% (Luk et al.
Inspectors reported residents were not routinely assessed or reviewed by a doctor following lengthy episodes of challenging behaviour and prolonged physical restraint.
In a review of extant literature, Evans, Wood, and Lambert (2003) found that physical restraint "may increase the risk of death, falls, serious injury, and increased duration of hospitalization" (p.
Disability Rights Oregon, an advocacy group, estimated in 2011 that about 10,000 cases of physical restraint and seclusion of students happen every year in Oregon schools.
Now Mr Lamb said he is concerned at the wide variations that exist between trusts in relation to face-down physical restraint.
Chris has also been sharing his wisdom with teachers across the region, providing them with simple physical restraint techniques needed to cope with violent and disruptive pupils, as well as youth groups and schoolchildren.
The facility administrator believes that youth behavior can be effectively managed without the use of physical restraint.
Officers now have to undergo training in aspects of the law, physical restraint and report writing before being granted a licence to practise.
The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has said that persons with disabilities living in psychiatric and social care institutions can face torture and ill-treatment due to poor living conditions, severe mechanical, chemical, and physical restraint, seclusion and solitary confinement, forced medical and psychiatric interventions.
The move follows the Harris County medical examiner's determination that a 16-year-old foster child's death at the facility - one that occurred in November following a physical restraint - was a homicide.
Twenty-four participants (24%) had memory of physical restraint.
Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) scores of 9 or above when combined with physical restraint and nosocomial infection produced significant rates of self-extubation.

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