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Our apparent success in extending and improving our physical space did not happen by accident, and it did not come easy.
In the present study, the space directly perceived by observing physical space is defined as visual space, the space indirectly perceived by observing a photograph as photographic space, and the space indirectly perceived by observing stereoscopic images as stereoscopic space.
The passing of time cannot be perceived directly as matter and space; we can only perceive the irreversible changes and movements of matter in physical space (i.
124) According to Bachin, the physical spaces actually built reflected the contending visions of their creators.
I had to think outside the physical space of the spa to make money.
Together they constitute a continuum of places that the human needs to dwell in: the physical space of the body, the imaginative space of conciseness, and the collective space of fellowship.
I get a video of the room a week prior, and I don't see the physical space until the day before the shoot.
That gives us design parameters for the physical space and for some of the processes.
Most teachers cannot afford to buy everything needed all at once, so it is wise to prioritize our needs in the following five areas: instruments, office needs and equipment, workstations, pedagogical tools and physical space.
She ends by telling of her sense of not belonging anywhere and continuing to believe that Israel has no right to exist in the physical space taken from people who should possess that land.
Costs aside, the commitment to increased mobility is providing access to the information and applications students need and save physical space for more value-added activities such as seminars and interactive labs.
The pope and his designers utilized the ready example of classical antiquity, rich in august architectural forms and intrinsic meaning, to visually connect monuments across the physical space of the city and to link contemporary Rome to its imperial and early Christian past.

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