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Even if you solve such critical problems of technology and physical space in cost-effective ways, other obstacles hinder the full potential of virtual collaboration, says Klein.
But in the cyberspace environment, the true productivity of a retail location will no longer be a function only of sales within leased, physical space per unit of time.
The underlying assumption is that physical space can be described in terms of a mathematical form known as a three-dimensional manifold.
Therefore, computers must recreate the warm, fuzzy sales experience that would occur in the physical space over this electronic medium.
Genese d'un paysage, edited by one of France's leading urban historians, deals with physical space.
Here a new interpretation of quantum potential is proposed: The idea that quantum potential can be seen as the "special state of a-temporal physical space in presence of microscopic processes," as the whole of the characteristics that a-temporal physical space assumes when we have quantum phenomena.
The evocation of symbolic physical space is an essential part of the painting tradition in Seville, a Baroque city where images carry enormous weight.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Contemporary artists investigate the concept of home--the house structure, its material components, and the complex range of narratives embodied by its physical space.
However, the act of writing into physical space requires a cultural mindset different from our own.
To give off a confident air, appear to expand beyond your physical space.
The new MediaHawk is designed to operate optimally in both a distributed network architecture, minimizing network transport infrastructure requirements and system costs, and a centralized network architecture, minimizing physical space requirements and incremental facility costs.
Maybe the office should be a combination of a permanent physical space and a virtual space--in other words, a work place that provides total flexibility, where it's possible to support telecommuting, hoteling (where multiple staffers share a desk and office) and the conventional office where workers congregate.

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