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A second finding was that the observed underlying physiological adaptations differed between the two groups.
These physiological adaptations may represent a beneficial treatment strategy to patients with chronic heart failure by producing a positive effect on the training response during warm water (3).
Physiological adaptations of the cardiovascular system in pregnancy Normal history Normal physical examination Palpitations Tachycardia Fatigue Lateral and upwards displacement of the apex beat Dyspnoea Loud, often split first and split second heart sound Reduced exercise Mid-systolic murmur at the left base (flow tolerance murmur-hyperdynamic circulation) Continuous murmur (venous increased mammary flow) Peripheral oedema Table 2.
Contrary to the extensive time devoted to current exercise countermeasures, which astronauts claim is much too long [4], the stimulus for physiological adaptations can be attained more efficiently in several minutes a day [17-21].
The physiological adaptations of the Lahontan cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi) following transfer from well water to the highly alkaline waters of Pyramid Lake, Nevada (pH 9.
Training methods, such as living high-training high (LH-TH) and living high-training low (LH-TL), among others, have been used to elucidate the mechanisms and physiological adaptations that occur in hypoxia (15).
oleifera, reduced but satisfactory growth should still be achievable in below optimal climates, as trees seem to tolerate lower growing temperature through physiological adaptations.
This specimen is the oldest pregnant lizard we have seen, which implies physiological adaptations, like adequate blood supply to the embryos and very thin shells - or no shells at all - to allow oxygen supply, evolved very early on," added Wang.
Well-written descriptions discuss in more detail related aspects of the migrations, including physiological adaptations and challenges.
in zoology at the University of Glasgow in 1983, working on physiological adaptations in the rockpool prawn.
It is always challenging to accurately measure physiological adaptations in extreme environments, and the authors have done well.

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