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The symptoms vary depending on the patient and the type of Pick's disease, but commonly include impulsive, compulsive or inappropriate behaviour, or a loss of sympathy for others.
Pick's disease is an often-overlooked form of dementia.
In it Baddiel, who first shot to fame in the '80s as part of the successful comedy troupe The Mary Whitehouse Experience, hilariously and unflinchingly documents his 83-year-old dad Colin's gradual decline to Pick's disease - a rare and extreme, Tourette's form of dementia.
In an emotional interview on Radio 5 Live, Savage revealed the strain on himself and his mother, Val, as Mr Savage was stricken with Pick's disease, a type of Alzheimer's, at the age of 58.
My dad Colin passed away at 64 from Pick's disease, a form of Alzheimer's.
Steve's ability to enjoy the things he was most passionate about was sadly affected after he developed Pick's disease, a form of motor neurone disease, and the illness robbed him of his love of walking across the dunes of Kenfig and along the coast of Porthcawl.
His father, Colin, died in March last year after a long fight against Pick's disease, similar to Alzheimer's.
Raymond, 60, who played concert piano around the world, has Pick's disease, which is like Alzheimer's.
Last Saturday, Robbie broke the devastating news of his father's death after a long battle with Pick's disease.
Savage, 37, was at his father's bedside as he died from pneumonia after a long fight against Pick's disease, similar to Alzheimer's.