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More common types and causes of dementia Cortical Subcortical Alzheimer's disease Vascular dementia (muti-infarct, Binswanger's, cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarction) Pick's disease Dementia with Lewy bodies (Frontotemporal dementia) Mild cognitive impairment Huntington's disease Creutzfeld-Jakob disease Parkinson's disease Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome Wilson's disease Multiple sclerosis Infectious etiology (HIV, lyme disease, syphilis) Dementia syndrome of depression Table 2.
Her condition deteriorated until she was taken to hospital where doctors eventually diagnosed Pick's disease - a very rare form of dementia similar to Alzheimer's - and polymyalgia rheumatica, stiffening and tenderness in the muscles supporting the neck, shoulders, hips and thighs.
Pick's Disease damages sections of the brain and affects speech and human interaction.
Considering reports from the detention center that Asahara no longer utters words, that he has been unable to control his bladder and bowel movements and that he has been receiving care as he cannot bathe or make his bed on his own, Nakajima suggested he may be suffering from a condition such as Pick's disease, a degenerative brain illness that causes dementia.
Abstract: Pick's disease is a progressive illness that affects brain function, eventually causing loss of verbal skills and problem-solving abilities.
In my home church, a group of parishioners came every morning and afternoon for two years to sit with a woman stricken with Pick's disease -- something like Alzheimer's -- while her husband was away at work.
Alzheimer's disease Pick's disease Huntington's disease Progressive supranuclear palsy Parkinson's disease (not all cases) Cerebellar degenerations Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (not all cases) Parkinson -- ALS-dementia complex of Guam and other island areas Rare genetic and metabolis disease (Hallervorden-Sparz, Kufs', Wilson's, late-onset metachromatic leukodystrophy, adrenoleukdystrophy)
The Potamkin Prize honors researchers for their efforts advancing the understanding of Pick's disease, Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.
As many of you will know, my dad passed away after he was struck down by Pick's disease, a form of dementia, and that's why 25 per cent of the proceeds are going to the Alzheimer's Society.
A type of FTD called behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD) - previously known as Pick's disease - is associated with early changes in personality and loss of empathy.
John Ryan, defending, said Howells was a hard-working family man who had turned to drugs following his mother being diagnosed with Pick's disease 10 years ago.
Patricia Marland, who collected the names in Conwy and Denbighshire after her husband Robert developed a form of the condition called Pick's Disease, gave the sheafs to Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane.