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As pick-ups go, the interior of the Blade is quite luxurious and, with its payload and towing credentials, it is quite a workhorse with genuine 4x4 capability and plenty of heart.
This latest incarnation of the best-selling Navara typifies the extent to which motor manufacturers will go to attract increasingly demanding buyers of workhorse pick-ups.
We have had a plan in place for more than a year to manage the sell-down of the previous generation pick-ups and ramp up the new models," the General Motors' spokesperson added.
You might say that pick-ups are only for the farmyard or builder's yard, which they once were.
The report mentioned that it was last year that the EPA awarded the certification to the 1945-founded automotive company, allowing it to sell its pick-ups in the US market.
It seems that the pick-up is not only popular with tradesmen wanting a stylish yet practical alternative to the classic commercial van, but is increasingly a lifestyle choice being made by 4x4 enthusiasts who love the pick-up's tough `Tonka toy' image.
Under the clarified rules, some doublecab pick-ups - effectively miniature trucks - are classed as vans.
Japanese auto giant Isuzu Motors India has inaugurated its India plant which will make D Max range of pick-up trucks and V Cross range of adventure pick-ups.
VOLKSWAGEN has scooped top honours for its rugged Amarok model in the booming pick-up market, which is showing some of the biggest sales increases of any sector in the last decade.
The first vehicle to arrive this month will be the Steed four-door double cab pick-up with a 2 litre common rail turbo diesel engine.
Bahrain 's distributors of Brilliance Jinbei mini buses and FAW Trucks have launched the new Zx Auto pick-up range in the kingdom.
THE appalling snowy and frosty weather in November and December has led to a sharp increase in the value of used 4x4, pick-up and double cab vehicles.