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Often the preferred choice of farmers and small businesses, pick-ups now compete in a fiercely competitive sector of a very lucrative market and are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
Available at a starting price of RO4,749, Higer pick-ups are known for their performance and safety, a press release said.
As Isuzu company marketing representative and customer relation manager, Jay's role is to provide information about the Isuzu range to the rural and business community building awareness of the ultimate pick-up range.
These pick-ups do more than just weather all sorts of terrain.
The D-Max pick-up underwent one of the most comprehensive development programmes in the company's history.
These days if you had a Vanguard pick-up in the garage you would be quids-in because there were not many of them, the RAF being a main customer.
Mahindra and Mahindra (NSE: M&M), an India-based automaker, has launched its range of SUVs and pick-ups in Kenya.
District of Columbia, Washington DC: Free curbside pick-ups will run January 3-14, 2012.
It seems that the pick-up is not only popular with tradesmen wanting a stylish yet practical alternative to the classic commercial van, but is increasingly a lifestyle choice being made by 4x4 enthusiasts who love the pick-up's tough `Tonka toy' image.
Those who make the switch from, say, a Vauxhall Vectra to a Nissan 4x4 doublecab pick-up, such as the one above, could see their taxable benefit reduced to less than pounds 17 a month, while employers will save on National Insurance Contributions.
Draft horse-powered organic farm, Mars Hill and Weaverville pick-ups.
Tax incentives make pick-ups an increasingly attractive proposition for many users, so manufacturers are responding by taking the sophistication of such vehicles to new heights.