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"We have had a plan in place for more than a year to manage the sell-down of the previous generation pick-ups and ramp up the new models," the General Motors' spokesperson added.
It just goes to prove that when we see massive pick-ups thundering past with wild and worrying names such as Barbarian, Ram and Animal, Britain was doing very smart and stylish pick-ups like the Vanguard years ago and the market loved them.
Pick-ups also have tax advantages for employees who can use them instead of a company car.
It seems that the pick-up is not only popular with tradesmen wanting a stylish yet practical alternative to the classic commercial van, but is increasingly a lifestyle choice being made by 4x4 enthusiasts who love the pick-up's tough `Tonka toy' image.
Nissan is expected to produce a sport utility pick-up combo and is thinking about a full-size pick-up, too.
Often the preferred choice of farmers and small businesses, pick-ups now compete in a fiercely competitive sector of a very lucrative market and are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
The freestyle pick-up also has auxiliary headlights mounted on its roof, smoked rear lights and colour-contrasting underbody protection, while a pair of electrically deployed tread plates make it easy for occupants to step into and out of the vehicle, despite the raised ride height.
Over the next year, the company is planning to introduce its full range of cars and pick-ups into the UK.
The company has taken this step to have pick-up truck engineering located in Thailand.
THINGS are hotting up in the pick-up market with Mitsubishi making its L200 congestion chargecompliant and Nissan making a reintroduction under another name.
NISSAN'S Navara was the best-selling pick-up in Europe in 2006 with a total of 45,200 registered.
Having sold in excess of three million worldwide since its launch in 1968 Mazda's B-Series Pick-Up can rightfully claim to be one of the most enduring commercial vehicles in the market today.