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Mr Picken, whose children are aged three to 24, had passed his motorbike test less than a week earlier, Black Country coroner Robin Balmain heard on Tuesday.
Ty's loss at such a young age is an unspeakable family tragedy for the entire Pickens family and his many friends," Jay Rosser, vice president of public affairs for BP Capital told the news outlet in a prepared statement.
Experience: Pickens has more than 18 years of experience in the staffing industry overseeing multiple offices.
For the past seven years, Pickens worked in the track and field program at the University of Oklahoma under former UO track coach Martin Smith.
Feeling the pure joy of work and success--jumping out of bed in the morning charged up to accomplish in the day ahead--is necessary for an entrepreneur," Pickens says.
Pickens, whose Pickens Plan calls for ending the United States' growing dependence on foreign oil, is calling on the "Pickens New Energy Army" and other Americans to reach out to Congress, asking them to take action now to develop a comprehensive U.
Pickens that our country is facing an energy crisis, and we can't be taking baby steps to solve it," Dorgan said.
Pickens produced a 15-second television ad promoting the latter.
With Pickens spending up to another $1 million on state lobbyists in 2007, not a single lawmaker of either party voted against the legislation, which now is Texas law.
He felt it was important to document the war,'' Pickens said.
Pickens Says, "Foreign Oil Dependence Remains Largest Threat to National and Economic Security"
Pickens says he won't be looking back - there'll be no regrets when he leaves the nation's largest independent natural gas producer, which he founded with a $2,500 stake and used for the hostile takeover attempts that made him famous and sometimes hated.