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Hill is one of the executive producers of Pickler & Ben, an Emmy-nominated, daytime lifestyle show that is filmed in Nashville.
Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution is distributing the show in national syndication; on its premiere date nearly all of the stations airing Pickler & Benwill be Scripps-owned, underscoring the growing trend of broadcast TV companies developing their own content instead of relying on the NATPE negotiation and a changing marketplace for non-network programming.
Lucy Hale and Kellie Pickler take the spotlight to share some seasonal tunes and traditions with other country darlings for this two-hour special airing Dec.
AFTER JOE PICKLER was downsized from his job as a software salesman, he wasn't ready to head into retirement.
* Rent an accent: When you travel to Georgia, you want to fit in with the locals so you hit up singer Kellie Pickler for a rent-a-drawl deal that will keep you from being identified as someone who just came in from New England.
TOPEKA--Saturday, June 22, MCC of Topeka will present an original dinner theatre production, Pastor Peter Pickler's Prairie Pride Praise Hour--A parody which centers around a weekly broadcast from radio station P-R-A-Z, in the fictional town of Pride, KS (just about 19 miles north and worm's wiggle west of Wichita), in which Pastor Pickler and his staff welcome and interview guest performers, read and respond to letters from listeners, and issue commentary on issues of local, national and international interest.
The undisputed champion for 15 years running is Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell), whose latest creation -- a full-sized rendering of The Last Supper -- is considered such a celestial masterpiece that he's asked to step aside to give someone else a chance.
For its part Henkel signed country singer/songwriter Kellie Pickler to endorse new Tone Fruit Peel Body Wash with alpha-hydroxy fruit acids.
When I was a child, we always had a veg patch as part of our garden and now my secret pleasure is making jam and pickling; I'm a great pickler in fact."
* Tone Body Wash is partnering with Kellie Pickler to promote its latest innovation, Fruit Peels Body Wash.
Only two "Idol" contestants who finished lower than Gracin on the show have fared better in overall sales: fellow country singer Kellie Pickler and Jennifer Hudson.
Bob Pickler ("Modern Family's" Ty Burrell) is the Michelangelo of margarine, outdoing himself for 15 years straight in the state's annual condiment-sculpting contest; his dearly beloved Laura (Garner) is a frigid control freak, the sort of ambitious social climber who sends other trophy wives running in fear.