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PICKPOCKET. A thief; one who in a crowd or. in other places, steals from the pockets or person of another without putting him in fear. This is generally punished as simple larceny.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The pickpockets were apprehended by officers of NH and MP sub-inspector Islam Gul and Zubair Ur Rahman during routine patrolling, the spokesman of motorway police told reporter here.
On his call, however, a number of persons ran after him but the pickpocket managed to escape in a car.
During analysis of potential perpetrators at popular tourist sites such as the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, police became aware of a three-member gang of pickpockets from China.
The policemen stopped the bus and apprehended the five suspects that passengers identified as pickpockets.
Officers at GMP's Stretford division posted: "Please be aware we are experiencing pickpockets in the Trafford Centre at the moment.
A poet namely Faqir Dilmurad Mugheri, resident of village Azmatullah Mugheri recorded a protest demonstration against the pickpockets for depriving him of Rs 17,000 on Saturday.
Council bosses are giving free crime-fighting gadgets to shoppers to stop pickpockets on the prowl in Nuneaton town centre.
ISLAMABAD -- The Golra police arrested two pickpockets and recovered Rs.
ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Industrial Area police station has arrested nine pickpockets including four women who used to deprive passengers from their cash and other valuables during travel in twin cities, a police spokesman said on Monday.
City Hall Operations director Peter Mbaya said an operation began on Wednesday for the arrest of pickpockets and muggers at the market.
KASUR -- Over a dozen PML-N workers were deprived of their cash and mobile phones by pickpockets at a workers' convention held at a wedding hall in Allahabad on Tuesday night.
'Most people were deprived of their money by pickpockets when they went for shopping in the markets,' a police official told The Express Tribune.