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The intended outcome of creating an HNIR information sharing system is to increase the understanding of a complex OE and to present a coherent, comprehensive common operational picture, not piecemealed and reported as independent packets of data or information.
All of these various laws can be piecemealed together when attempting to historically document a right to privacy in the United States.
Before the MNT, she points out, counties' separate and numerous providers of Internet services made for a statewide network that "was piecemealed together in a way that did not provide any network security at all," she says.
Over the years, Montgomery College (Md.) piecemealed its equipment--a computer from one company, a document camera from another and a projector from yet another vendor.
She told the committee: "The whole of the Church Hill development is starting to look like a mish-mash of houses piecemealed together - this is not good for the area.
"Over the years other architects had come in and piecemealed holes together and they put in moundings - like sea serpents down the sides of the fairways - which would catch water and trap it in the fairways because it had nowhere to drain.
Administrators had to add separate applications piecemealed to enhance security, defend against viruses or filter or cache content.
The potential effects of massing EAD engineers--especially in stability operations and support operations--is greatly diminished when they are piecemealed out.